Your Guide to Hire a Private Chef in Minnesota


Chief Yia Vang

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I know hiring a private chef isn’t for everyone (if it’s for you, please invite me!), But more people are having private dinners instead of big corporate parties. . Maybe you want to invite a few friends over and instead of stressing out about a meal, you plan to ask a top chef to do it.

I have made a list of chefs that I would like to have a private dinner prepared for, or chefs that I have recommended to others. Most of them will do a big event, or even a small dinner for a few people. Budget varies, but it’s not a bargain hunter situation. As a general rule of thumb, expect dinners to start at $ 75 per person.

Private chefs

Todd Macdonald, Embers caterer (formerly Chef Parella and Red Cow)

Michael Rassmussen, Chef Rassy

Lisa Atkinson, Treat yourself and eat

Paige & Rick Didora, houndstooth

Mo Kotb, Dervish Mazza (Mediterranean cuisine)

Clara Doe, Girl with spoon (West African / Soul Food), email to [email protected]

Robin aspell (specializing in whole grains and plant-based cooking), email [email protected]

Heather Jansz, The curry diva (Sri Lankan specialties)

Colin Murray and Jamie Compton, Wandering kitchen

Carline Bengtsson, Dinner4 Dinners (1/4 of the profits go to feed the hungry)

Zach McFall, Bartlett Catering (formerly of Tilia / Spoon and Stable)

Sarah Lang, Simple cooking

Ian & Nicole Baggett, Host a toast

Restaurant chefs

Yia Vang, Vinai festivals

Oued Sameh, Grand Catch Kitchen / World Street

Michael Shaughnessy, Advellum, e-mail to [email protected]

Adam Lerner, Saint-Dinette, e-mail to [email protected]

Corey Meier, The grocer’s table

Jim Christiansen (formerly Heyday), email [email protected], call 612-819-8130

Sam Daigle, the brunoise (formerly Spoon and Stable / J. Morton’s Meats)

Heather Asbury, Heather’s Minneapolis, e-mail to [email protected]

Jamie Malone, Keep it big

Sun Ramirez, Bar Arepa

Junji Umezu, Chief Hapa, email at [email protected], find at


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