Yellowknifer seeks support for international baking competition


Yellowknife resident Jolene Fyfe has reached the final stages of an online baking contest that could be worth $ 20,000.

Fyfe, a dental hygienist, started baking in 2013. This year she entered the Greatest Baker competition, in which bakers from around the world compete online with coaching from two professionals, a past winner and a finalist on the Great British Bake TV show. Disabled.

The bakers move on to the next round of the competition in collect votes and ranking at the top of their division. The winner receives $ 20,000 and an article in Bake from Scratch magazine.


Fyfe “has a big sweet tooth” and started decorating cakes about three years ago, she said, when a friend begged her to bake and decorate a wedding cake.

Jolene Fyfe decorating a cake. Photo: Submitted

“I fell in love with the baking,” Fyfe told Cabin Radio. “I love making children’s birthday cakes because it makes me happy to see their little smiles on their faces.”

Now she’s looking for residents’ votes to put her in first place in her quarter-final pool by Thursday night.

People can vote for free once every 24 hours or pay to submit additional votes. The funds go to the American organization No Kid Hungry.

“I posted a different cake every day on my Facebook,” Fyfe said. “I’ve probably baked over 200 cakes now.”


Jolene Fyfe holding a cake she created. Photo: Submitted
A cake that Jolene Fyfe made for a birthday. Photo: Submitted

If she wins the top prize, she said most of the funds would go towards the cost of attending a baking school in Nanaimo, BC, starting in August.

A little money, however, would go towards creating baked goods for the people who supported her throughout the competition.

“I guess Covid will be over by then and I’m going to prepare a storm and invite a bunch of people and have an outdoor activity with baked goods,” she said.

“I’ve had dedicated voters – like, people vote for me every day since May 11, so it’s been over a month now.”

Fyfe praised the “incredible support system” in Yellowknife, repeatedly describing the residents of the grocery store telling her she had their vote.

“Yellowknife is really good at it,” she said.

“If someone shows up for something, you want them to because they’re from Yellowknife.

If you want to vote for Fyfe, you can do so on the competition website.

A cake made and decorated by Jolene Fyfe. Photo: Submitted



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