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My favorite “diet” just dropped, and it has nothing to do with calories, nutrition, or even the human body. Nope, this The “diet” is the type we can actually embrace, as it requires abstaining from anything that upsets you, makes you uncomfortable, and/or puts you on the spot, thereby wasting your energy.

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The iconic concept, dubbed ‘energy diet’, was created by a naturally tired woman who took to Reddit “Am I the asshole?” (AITA) forum to share her origin story and wonder whether or not she was the asshole to stay there.

As is often the case on the constantly chaotic subreddit, it all started with an overly opinionated in-law. “My MIL [mother-in-law] has a tradition, and who hosts weekly family dinners at her house where everyone visits. At every dinner party she hosts, she finds a way to comment on my hair, my body, my job, my age and, even worse, my infertility. It upsets me, makes me uncomfortable and puts me on the spot. MIL says she just watches over me and my husband thinks I’m too sensitive,” OP began (the original poster).

AITA for telling my MIL about my “energy diet” and saying that’s why I don’t come to his weekly family dinners anymore? by AmItheAsshole

Things then got worse, with OP’s MIL weighing heavily on her fertility issues. According to OP, MIL said to ‘hurry up and get pregnant soon’ because she’s ‘not getting any younger’. Fed up (which is understandable), OP then decided that she no longer felt comfortable at those dinner parties and would not attend them again, thus prompting her husband to “freak out.” (That’s when it becomes clear that the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.)

A few skipped dinners later, MIL called OP to ask if she would be attending the following week, as her husband, fearful of ‘offending’ his opinionated parents, lied and said his wife was ill. That’s when OP let her stepmom have her (yay!), telling her no, she wasn’t going, and no, she wasn’t sick. “I’m actually on a diet,” OP told MIL optimism. “She laughed and said I ‘needed to lose a few pounds’ and would make ‘healthy side dishes’ just to get me to come.” (How does this keep getting worse?!)

“But I said, ‘oh no, I’m actually on an energy diet. That means if there’s something that bothers me, makes me feel uncomfortable or embarrasses me, then I don’t want it and I don’t want to waste my energy on it,” she added. Unsurprisingly, her MIL didn’t appreciate that, and neither did her pushover son. OP’s husband yelled at him on his way home, accusing him of being too sensitive and telling his family “Fuck you in your face”.

30 minutes of argument later, OP’s husband picked up his phone and tried to get her to call and apologize – or in her words, “unf**k” what she just “f**ked” “. But OP refused, picking up her phone and turning it off, at which point the husband ‘became more livid’ and said she ‘has ‘one day’ to work things out and start showing respect to her family’ .

If your jaw is on the floor, you’re not alone. “Tell your husband I hate him,” one user replied. Another echoed the sentiment: “‘You have a husband problem’, while a third weighed in: ‘OP your boundaries and feelings are NOT dramas!

Atop a chorus of commentators claiming the husband was the real problem, hundreds more agreed they too wanted to go on “energy diets”. “I really like the energy diet! I might steal it from you one day,” read the lead comment, while others encouraged OP to retire her husband under the upcoming scheme. “Looks like he should be the next thing on his energy diet, if you ask me. NTA. »

May OP, and anyone who has been the subject of unwarranted comments about their bodies and/or their ability to get pregnant, benefits from energy diets forever.

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