Why is vitamin C considered your skin’s best friend? Dietitian and expert in nutrition decodes


Applying vitamin C to your skin is not enough. Eating the right amount of foods rich in vitamin C is what does the magic. Here is how vitamin C can help your skin in several ways explained by Dr. Rohini Patil.

Why is vitamin C considered your skin’s best friend? Dietitian and expert in nutrition decodes

Applying vitamin C works wonders on your skin. However, the application of vitamin C products is not sufficient. Eating foods rich in vitamin C like orange, lemon, berries, broccoli, and more helps maintain this nutrient in the body.

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, which means your body doesn’t produce it, you have to eat it. It boosts your immunity, manages high blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart disease, and is definitely good for your skin as well. Here are some benefits of vitamin C for your skin:

Help against sun damage

Vitamin C contains antioxidants that protect against damage from UV rays. It doesn’t work like sunscreen, but if UV rays damage your skin, it helps lessen the damage.

Lightening of dark spots

Vitamin C helps lighten spots and dark spots called hyperpigmentation. Besides, it helps to whiten the skin and make it smooth and glowing.

Helps smooth out wrinkles

Vitamin C is a powerful ingredient found in anti aging creams. But just applying creams to the face may not help. Healthy eating actually contributes to better results. People who consume more vitamin C are likely to have fewer wrinkles. Citrus fruits like berries, lemon, orange are essential sources of vitamin C. Not only are citrus fruits, spinach, red pepper and broccoli also rich in vitamin C.

Boost collagen

It is a protein present in your skin that helps prevent it from sagging. As we age, the body slows down the production of collagen. Vitamin C encourages the production of new collagen and maintains the collagen you have. It also protects them from damage.

Heal wounds and scars

Vitamin C helps heal wounds quickly. It helps close open pores and produce collagen essential for wound healing.

Even the complexion

Vitamin C can help reduce your scars. Antioxidants help heal and even out skin tone.

Moisturizes the skin, removes the tan and makes it shine

Vitamin C helps hydrate your skin. Dehydration makes your skin dull and dark. Vitamin C helps lighten your skin, removes tan, and makes your skin glowing without dark spots on your face.

About the author: Dietitian and nutrition expert, Dr Rohini Patil, Founder and CEO of Nutracy Lifestyle.

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