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Rujuta Diwekar started the 12 week fitness program on her Instagram profile where she tackles several body issues for each week and shows the exercise routines to follow to have a better and healthier lifestyle. Rujuta Diwekar keeps reiterating that it is extremely important to keep using our body and moving it, otherwise we will end up losing our body.

With the covid pandemic entering our lives in 2020, the culture of work has changed rapidly. Working from home became the new norm and so followed hours spent sitting at home in a chair, in front of a laptop and working without moving a limb. The routine we followed of commuting from home to the office and then having a different workspace from home has changed, and so has the way we take care of our bodies.

Rujuta Diwekar’s Instagram profile is dedicated to fitness and diet news where she continues to share snippets of her own fitness routine. From how to reduce back pain with simple exercise routines to what diet to follow for a healthier body, the nutritionist keeps talking about everything. A day ago, Rujuta explained the do’s and don’ts of deciding on a post-workout meal.

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She wrote that it’s important to eat a nutrient-dense meal within 20 minutes of working out. Fresh fruit or snacks or whey protein can also be consumed. She further added that the 4Rs should be maintained when choosing the meal – rehydrate, replenish, repair and recover. Tea, coffee and alcohol should be avoided for up to 2 hours after training to keep the body hydrated. She also wrote that people shouldn’t go hungry for more than 30 minutes after working out.

The post-workout meal helps repair microscopic damage to muscles during exercise. It also helps to replenish muscle glycogen stores. The post-workout meal also helps recover from free radicals produced during exercise.

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