What $50 gets you at the Super Bowl stands


NFL concessions should not be excessively expensive. Unless it’s the Super Bowl, which descends on its fans with the eagerness of an airport scoring a three-ounce bag of $12 Cheez-Its.

By tradition, the game with the most expensive tickets of the year – the cheapest available seat on Sunday morning was $3,600 – also has the most expensive food and drink lineup. Super Bowl 56 takes place in a $5 billion stadium and has prizes that suggest Los Angeles is trying to create one “super cocktail” at a time. While there are still a few relatively inexpensive items like $5 hot dogs and $4 soft pretzels, a standard trifecta alongside a drink sandwich will set you back at least $30 at big game and $40 if you want to add some alcohol to the mix.

Here’s what the full lineup looks like, according to FTW’s Andy Nesbitt and ESPNRadio’s Arash Markazi.

Item Price
Ultra cocktail $19/25
great cocktail $17/23
Premium cocktails $14/20
Cocktail on tap $20
Meatballs $20
craft beer $19
signature cocktail $19
Premium beer (Michelob Ultra) $17
Hard soda water $17
Canned wine $17
Pepperoni pizza $17
super dog $16
Barbacoa Beef Burrito $16
Cheese pizza $15
Cheeseburger Submarine $15
Bean and Cheese Burrito $14
Classic Beer (Bud Light) $13
Kale and Gem Lettuce Salad $12
Cheddar Jalapeno Sausage $12
vegan chili $9
Tostito Chips and Queso $8
Pepsi (fountain) $7
Chocolate chip cookie $7
Super fudgy brownie $7
Pepsi (bottle) $6
brandy $6
Bottled water $6
Frito-Lay Snacks $5
hot dog $5
soft pretzel $4
toddlers $4

Let’s say that after spending $4,000 on a ticket, you only have $50 left. Rather than save that for 1/8th of an Uber downtown, you decide you’re going to live and pour that into the concessions that will make you happy for three hours of football. What are you buying?

Here’s how I would approach Super Bowl 56’s overpriced snack stands.

1. Craft Beer ($19)

It’s a football game. THE football game, in fact. I can’t watch it without a beer, even though a pint costs about the same as a case of Coors Banquet here in Wisconsin. There’s also no way I can read “PREMIUM BEER (MICHELOB ULTRA) – $17” without my eyes rolling the back of my head so hard that my retinas pop out, but that’s really my problem, not yours, is it?

Either way, Super Bowl 56 is a Bud Light joint, but Anheuser-Busch has a pretty solid lineup of craft beers in its portfolio. We don’t know who moved into SoFi Stadium, but chances are it was breweries with ties to their local NFL clubs like Elysian, Breckenridge or Goose Island. I don’t like the idea of ​​dropping $20+ on a beer (and tip), but if I am, I’d rather it be a high-tier IPA like Space Dust or Full Contact – the latter of which I highlighted in my Super Bowl Beer Guide earlier this week.

2. 2 hot dogs ($10)

There are several hot dog options in Inglewood. There’s also a fried jalapeno cheddar sausage whose origin can only be explained by a vengeful chef wanting to punish shoppers by blasting the roof of their mouths with a burst of boiling hot cheese magma.

Rather than splurge on a $16 hot that’s only 1/3 pound, I opt for two traditional weiners, which I can only hope are similar to Dodger Dogs across town. Google assures me that the two sites are only 21 km and a two hour drive from each other. The extra bun and customization options — onions, mustard, and, God willing, a hot tub of soggy, scooped sauerkraut — make this the heartiest option you’ll find for $10.

3. Potato chips and queso ($7)

Don’t let the name fool you. These are stadium nachos all the way. Close your eyes: you know exactly what they look like. Round yellow corn tortilla chips from a huge bag of catering supplies. Plastic container with a special recess for glowing nacho cheese that bathes the rest of the entree in an unnatural orange glow.

© Shawn Dowd / Democrat and Column via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Yeah, that’s it. Hearty, delicious, and something you would never eat at home because you haven’t given up on life yet. Perfect food.

4. Bud Light ($13)

Look, I see it too. But you’re going to be thirsty for a three-hour game and a beer won’t do. If you’re going for tater tots over nachos, you can upgrade to Michelob Ultra over Bud Light, but if you think there’s an appreciable difference between the two besides the number of CrossFit conversations taking place while holding one, you are seriously mistaken.

It tastes like beer and it comes in an aluminum mug. Good enough.

Total: $49

Estimated Total Calories: 1,500

Here. I’ve taken in enough caloric content to last me at least three hours of football and I even have a dollar left to bet on Evan McPherson as the Super Bowl MVP at +13,000. And you? Here is your $50: what do you buy at super bowl 56?


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