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Patrick Aura, 25 years old
English studies

Patrick Aura (Courtesy of Camille Houle-Eichel)

Why did you choose the University of Montreal?
The location was one of the main reasons for my decision to attend the University of Montreal, since I was already settled in Montreal. But the small size of the school’s English literature program was actually a bigger reason. I found the larger department at the university I previously attended to be impersonal, whereas at the University of Montreal I enjoyed closer relationships and more thoughtful engagement with professors and other students in my department.

Describe some of your best experiences so far.
After spending most of my time as a grad student online, I’ve found that the few in-person student gatherings we’ve had top my list of good experiences. During the holiday season, I particularly enjoyed meeting many international students who joined the department this year. Some online experiences have also been positive, including the online alumni conference hosted by our program’s student association.

Do you participate in extracurricular activities?
As President of the English Graduate Students’ Society, I help organize student activities such as lectures and creative writing workshops. Through this work, I learned a lot about the needs of graduate students as well as how to manage large events.

What do you think of your teachers?
Our faculty is small relative to the number of students and our professors are often busy. But in my experience, they make an effort to engage with students on many levels. They take the time to discuss with students specific articles or projects as well as more general ideas.

What do you think of the school administration?
I found registering for the courses to be easy, but it is important to know that most of the administrative tasks take place in French. Overall, the administrative staff are fluent enough in English to help you out if that’s a problem.

What is off-campus life like in Montreal?
Montreal is obviously rather known for its lively nightlife, but my personal interest is elsewhere. From a cultural perspective, the immediate surroundings of the University of Montreal include Saint Joseph’s Oratory, one of the city’s most well-known heritage sites, as well as a beautiful mountain that I can climb at any time. time of year. Neighboring areas like Little Italy and Plateau-Mont-Royal are worth exploring.

PROFILE: University of Montreal | Montreal, Que. | Founded in 1878

If I wrote the school motto: Villeray district
Best place to study: Library of Arts and Sciences
The best events on campus: The college party that takes place at the beginning of the fall semester
Best kitchen on campus: La Brunante, the university pub
Best cheap lunch: Bring your lunch, of course!
Best Pizza: Taty’s pizza
Best place for a fancy dinner: Setter
The best bar to go out: Restraint
Best Live Music Venue: Claude-Champagne room
Best breakfast for hangovers: The Austin Grill
Best place for a nap: Humanities Library, Seventh Floor
Best activity of the weekend: Hiking on Mount Royal nearby
The thing that surprised me the most about school: School community cohesion
If I could change one thing about school: The number of courses given would be increased

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