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Ed sheeran

Enjoy the little crown of Pie Society

Homemade gingerbread man mix, Elijah Craig Bourbon, fresh lemon juice, egg whites

It’s gonna be two ounces of Elijah Craig. On its own, this is a really sweet bourbon. When you use it in a drink, it will come out a bit better. It’s light. Next we have our wonderful homemade gingerbread syrup. It has all the flavors of fresh ginger, vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, any produce. A little lemon juice to even it out. A good traditional sour contains egg white. We have a vegan option using something non-animal. For a good tangy flavor, it needs to have a little volume so we’re going to freeze it. Silky and smooth.

The drink is named after a British pop singer, who is red-haired. He has a label called Gingerbread Man Records. The name is an obvious and light approach to her hair and skin tone. Much like its namesake, it’s not much to watch but it can certainly sing along. We try to keep a light approach when naming the drinks. This works at all levels.

Meet the bartender:

Joshua Fethke

The Little Crown is Georgia’s smallest pub. We have a very intimate atmosphere. People are not necessarily interested in coming here to party. They come here to interact with the bartenders. They also like to meet new people. I’ve seen people come in here and then leave together who were complete strangers. It’s really cool in that sense.

We also like to “impress” people. People come here and don’t know what to expect. They are going to try our food and our cocktails and they are “amazed”. I like to watch people’s jaws drop. This is the best part.

Off of our current menu I’m all about the trade route. According to other bartenders in town who know me, I’m Tiki Josh. So tiki cocktails are my thing. I like to call them Polynesian style cocktails. This one really works because it has Bold Navy rum, it has two types of Caribbean rum, lime juice, a little coconut kiss. All of these things were part of the naval culture.

Fun fact: Melissa’s father, one of the owners of the Pie Society, was a naval veteran for the Royal Navy (in Great Britain). A ship called ‘Ark Royal’ which is also the name of our food truck, the Ark Royal.

What prompted me to become a bartender? You know, the fame, the fortune, the admiration of women. Neither of those things really happened, but I’m making some money and some really good friends. Here I am almost 20 years later doing it but at my own pace.

My favorite mind? I’m a rum lover through and through, but when the weather is like this bourbon is the way to go. So this Ed Sheeran cocktail is a good choice.

Also on the menu:

Mary poppins

Smooth bourbon, fresh lemon, house infused ginger honey, dry cabaret float

Click on HERE to find them online.


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