Toru gives Yaeka a perfect birthday present


The Yakuza’s Guide to Childcare is a wholesome new comic anime in the summer 2022 season, and its gap moe tendencies remind viewers that they should never judge a book by its cover. Many of anime’s best and most endearing characters look raw or sketchy on the outside, only to prove doubters wrong. Kirishima Toru has been doing this since the beginning in Yakuza.

Toru is himself a Gap Moe character, an unofficial father who was thrown into the deep end by being assigned as Yaeka’s babysitter, as Spy x Familyis Loid Forger. These foster dads both know not to bribe their young “daughters” with expensive toys – as episode 6 proves, Toru would rather give Yaeka a cheap but sentimental gift than spend thousands of yen for something she doesn’t want.

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Episode 6 reveals that Yaeka’s birthday is fast approaching. She has reason to expect her Aunt Kanami, father, and mobster Kei to give her typical gifts for a child her age, but the bigger question is what her babysitter Toru will give her. . Other than her father Kazuhiko, Toru is the adult Yaeka is closest to right now, and everyone can tell how well they get along despite their age difference. Toru himself feels insecure; he is not the wisest donor, especially for little girls. It’s his biggest challenge yet, and to his credit, he’s not just throwing money at the problem. Instead, he looks within himself and finds a smarter solution.

It’s unclear how much money Toru has access to, but it’s a moot point since he doesn’t even think of bribing Yaeka with an expensive toy. It is a sign of emotional detachment and personal estrangement for one person to send the other a generic gift that emphasizes cost rather than sentimentality, and fiction often shows dysfunctional parents trying to win over their distant children with expensive gifts. Money can’t make up for the personal touch, and of course Toru relies on her own childhood experiences to make a cheap but meaningful gift for Yaeka.

Toru harnesses the power of food to impress his young charge, and Yaeka’s aunt Kanami loves the idea. Toru knows that the secret ingredient to any dish is love – the same lesson often emphasized throughout the popular Food wars! anime – and this idea fits the general themes of Yakuza’s Guide to Childcare. Toru is rich at heart and finds it surprisingly easy to connect with Yaeka on a personal level with all of their similarities. For them, it’s about what’s inside, and food can bring two people together. Unsurprisingly, Yaeka’s birthday lunch is a big hit.

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Despite being a bloodthirsty, battle-loving mafia thug, Toru is a surprisingly tender and sentimental person who clearly learned many vital lessons from his unnamed mother, as shown in the flashbacks of Episode 6. He seems unapproachable at first because he’s a wild mob enforcer, but there are growing signs that forming deep, meaningful bonds is his true calling.

It almost sounds like the star sign Cancer the Crab, describing anyone who values ​​quality over quantity in friendships and “pinches” strangers who get too close. Cancers also enjoy the cozy comforts of home and family, including home cooking, and Toru’s birthday lunch for Yaeka fits that theme. Regardless of her birth sign, Toru’s traits help her make a humble yet meaningful contribution to Yaeka’s birthday.

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Besides bonding with Yaeka, Toru also has a friend in Hojo Rei, a lively and cheerful man he has known since middle school. Even though they have contrasting personalities — and even though Toru finds Rei outwardly annoying — the two clearly have a deep connection, a la Cancer. Neither has to make big gestures to the other to maintain the friendship.

Toru once again promotes wealth of heart, and this bodes well for him as Yakuza’s Guide to Childcare keep on going. If he can open his Cancer crab shell and connect so deeply with Yaeka, he can do the same with others and expand his social circle while expanding his horizons. If Yaeka can do all of this in her own life, so can Toru.


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