TikTokers bake the biggest cake pop in the world at almost 100 pounds


A few TikTokers came together to break a Guinness World Record this fall.

That record: baking the biggest cake pop the world has ever seen at nearly 100 pounds.

UPI reports how Nick DiGiovanni and Lynn Davis (also known as “Lynja”) teamed up in Cambridge, Mass. with the aim of creating the delectable and gigantic treat.

The same UPI article goes on to report that they embarked on this massive cake pop journey by burning 32 boxes of cake mix; five and a half cartons of eggs; 16 cups of oil; 16 blocks of cream cheese; 10 packets of icing sugar; 35 cups of water; two sticks of butter; five cups of rainbow springs; six teaspoons of meringue power; and 16 tablespoons of extra vanilla in order to reach their end goal.

The result: a cake pop weighing 97 pounds, 8.52 ounces.

The Guinness World Records website explains the process DiGiovanni and Davis went through to achieve this sweet achievement, detailing how they first had to bake sheet cakes, then crumble them and stick them with the cream cheese in order to make the cake mold.

The pair then put all of their cake mix into said pan, freezing it all overnight, then covering it all with the frosting and sprinkles.

But what do you do with the biggest cake in the world after weighing it and submitting it to Guinness?

Easy: You eat it.

“We brought it to our friends and family, to medical aids and to sports teams,” says DiGiovanni. “We also kept some in our freezer to snack on throughout the holiday season. Nothing will be wasted at all.

Leftover ingredients were also donated to a local food bank.


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