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Given the recognition of a sure baked feta pasta recipe on TikTok and different social media channels, cheese is getting loads of consideration nowadays. I’ve to confess that earlier than my solely picture of feta was the dry, crumbly stuff I purchased in supermarkets. However after doing a little analysis and speaking with Tia Keenan, cheese maker and creator of The artwork of the cheese plate and different books, my eyes have been opened to the truth that not all fetas are created equal.

“Folks consider feta as one cheese, however feta is a mess of cheeses,” Keenan says. “Cheddar isn’t a factor. It is a type, identical to feta. Consider it as a class of cheese. “

What’s feta and the way is it made?

Feta as we all know it has been round for the reason that twelfth century. It takes its title from the Italian phrase “fetta”, which suggests slice. It falls beneath the class of recent cheese and is solely ready. Historically, milk is heated, combined with probiotic cultures and rennet to coagulate, drained from its whey, sprinkled with salt, brined after which aged in barrels, cans or baskets for a minimum of two months.

“Any try and hint the origins of feta takes a researcher straight into quicksand,” Janet Fletcher wrote within the Chronicle of San Francisco. “Within the Balkans, each nation makes this white cheese with chalk and each nation thinks it has invented it.”

In keeping with Keenan, “feta is like hummus: it is a regional meals that transcends borders, regardless that the Greeks declare it isn’t true.”

Greek mythology holds that Aristeus, son of Apollo, was despatched to show people the artwork of cheese making. Homer Odyssey, written within the eighth century BC, tells the story of one of many Cyclops, Polyphemus, who made cheese that’s stated to be the predecessor of feta. Feta and Greece appear to go hand in hand, however comparable cheeses historically made elsewhere within the area have been additionally labeled ‘feta’, and Greece did not like that. “It is an enormous export to Greece, and it is of their greatest curiosity that this be that one id of Greek feta,” Keenan says.

To keep up a stronghold on cheese, Greece efficiently requested the European Union to guard its id. In keeping with the BBC, the cheese “should meet sure necessities to be referred to as feta, together with a minimum of 70% sheep’s milk which should come from native breeds of sheep and goats historically raised in native pastures and designated areas of Greece. “. Thus, throughout the EU, these produced from different nations or with several types of milk are labeled “feta” cheeses. However these guidelines do not apply in the USA, which suggests you might want to learn the label rigorously to find out what sort of feta you are shopping for.

In case your solely concept of ​​feta is the dry crumble you sprinkle over the salad, that is only one kind. It will also be candy and creamy, in a spread of flavors and potencies. The primary stylistic variations relate to the kind of milk and the nation of origin. Sheep, goat and / or cow’s milk is all used, and the primary producers are Greece, France, Bulgaria and Israel.

To keep up a stronghold on cheese, Greece efficiently requested the European Union to guard its id

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Sheep’s milk: Feta produced from the normal highest-fat choice “tends to be very creamy and really wealthy,” Keenan says. It will also be a bit playful, which can be too overwhelming for some. “However for me, the essence and soul of feta is that full of life, moist, intense and creamy lanolin cheese” that comes from sheep’s milk.

Goat’s milk: Keenan finds it “a little bit too austere for feta.” Nonetheless, goat’s milk utilized in mixture with sheep’s milk can produce a milder taste for anybody who finds 100% sheep’s milk too gamey. As well as, a better proportion of goat’s milk ends in a extra crumbly cheese.

Cow’s milk: “What most individuals on this nation in all probability eat for feta is industrially produced cow’s milk feta,” Keenan says. “It is on the drier facet, and I believe it is extra the results of needing to be offered in supermarkets.” By Cooking gentle journal, “it may possibly additionally get barely bitter, however tends to have a milder taste than different kinds of feta.” American feta is usually saltier than others, a sport to compensate for the shortage of taste in cow’s milk.

American feta is usually saltier than others, a sport to compensate for the shortage of taste in cow’s milk


The flavour of feta intensifies with age. However with Greek feta particularly, terroir – notably what animals ate in designated areas – additionally comes into play. Cook dinner’s illustrated says the flavour the eating regimen actually offers “brings out Greek fetas.” Greek producers say fuller flavors come from an extra step within the cheese-making course of, the place the cheese is salted and allowed to take a seat for a day or two earlier than being positioned in brine.

“I really feel just like the French have actually cornered the marketplace for goat’s milk feta,” says Keenan, however additionally they make cheese from sheep’s milk, generally utilizing any extra Roquefort manufacturing. . “French feta is extra austere and a bit drier” in comparison with Greek feta. Bulgarian feta is produced from sheep’s milk and is on the opposite finish of the creamy spectrum. “The Israelis additionally make actually good feta on this creamier type,” Keenan says.

Shopping for and cooking with feta

Bulgarian feta is Keenan’s go-to type. Past that, all of it relies on the kind of milk and the nation of origin. “My recommendation is to determine what you are cooking after which resolve how dry and salty you need to go, and customarily dry and salty have a facet relationship,” Keenan says. For instance, you may not desire a very creamy feta for making spanakopita, because the humidity will forestall the phyllo dough from getting crisp. However “for that TikTok pasta, you need the creamiest feta yow will discover, which sadly I am certain is not what folks use.” And several types of milk additionally behave otherwise when heated, as a result of “goat’s milk doesn’t soften the identical as cow’s milk and sheep’s milk.”

When procuring, do not forget that feta wrapped in brine lasts longer, does not dry out, and even tastes higher. So whether or not it is strolling down the cheese aisle (the feta from my native grocery retailer is with the opposite fancy meats and cheeses you’d placed on a charcuterie board) or wanting on the enormous blocks within the case of the charcuterie, Keep away from prepackaged dry cheeses and ensure your cheese maker fills your container with brine after reducing a few of it (and do not throw that brine out! You should use it in quite a lot of methods, for instance to marinate rooster or cook dinner beans ).

Keenan typically buys their cheese in bulk bins with none manufacturers listed – simply the kind of milk and the nation of origin.

“Folks want to grasp that feta is a condiment in loads of locations,” she says. “Consider feta, in some methods, like the way in which Italians use Parmigiano-Reggiano. It isn’t one thing it’s important to eat a complete block of. You utilize it as an accent to complete the dishes. “

With all of the totally different ways in which cheese might be made, there’s a feta for everybody. However if you’re nonetheless not a fan and desire a substitution ricotta has an identical taste however a unique texture, cotija can substitute for crumbles in a salad and recent goat cheese has comparable brightness and creaminess. Whereas I’m nonetheless satisfied that that is your kitchen and that you’re free to do no matter you need, I urge you to provide feta one other probability if in case you have not but explored all that it has to supply. .

“Everybody makes an identical recipe, however they use totally different milks, they use totally different brine recipes, utilizing totally different quantities of growing old and totally different quantities of brine time. Although it is the identical cheese with out the quote, the whole lot is de facto totally different, ”says Keenan. “I’m happy with the feta as a result of it has stood as much as homogenization, not of the milk, however of the grade.”

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