These are Paul Hollywood’s favorite dishes to cook


Famed baker and “GBBO” judge Paul Hollywood shared his best bakes with Independent, and you might be surprised by some of his picks. First on the list is lemon cake, which he praises for its citrus zest. Hollywood recommends serving the sweet cake with a cup of tea on the side, and who are we not to listen to the expert? Another favorite is a sausage roll, traditionally made with pork sausage meat and short crust or puff pastry (via TheKitchn). Hollywood loves these buns with the addition of Stilton cheese and juicy caramelized onions (via Independent). Yum.

Pizza is another favorite of the master baker, and he says all that’s needed for a good pizza is “decent tomatoes” and “good cheese.” Hollywood’s latest favorite dish to cook is simple, classic, humble scones. And if you want to make them yourself, he has an important tip: use strong bread flour for best results. Scones are flaky and dense, often served as a snack with tea, and they’re usually topped with fruit jam, clotted cream, butter, or honey (by Delighted Cooking).

But if you thought scones were Hollywood’s favorite snack, you’d be wrong, because the baker loves the Greek version of kebab, called souvlaki. So pick one of Hollywood’s favorites and start cooking – you won’t regret making it.


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