The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Fried Chicken Connoisseur


It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like a juicy, succulent, steaming piece of fried chicken straight out of the deep fryers. Over the past two decades or so, the fried chicken game has improved dramatically in the capital, and fried chicken enthusiasts are no longer confined to the walls of KFC.

Top quality alternatives such as BFC, Wimpy, Fortune Fried Chicken, Euro Hut, Helvetia, among other well known names, have served us generously over the years.

Unfortunately, most of those fried chicken chains are gone over time, with the exception of a few. On the contrary, this disappearance has allowed more and more restaurants to offer better, unique and tastier fried chicken alternatives.

As someone who isn’t vegetarian and doesn’t like red meat very much, my craving for fatty, crispy fried chicken is bordering on obsession. And thanks to that obsession, I ate enough fried chicken across town to put together a top five list.

So, if you’re in the mood to fill the void inside your stomach with some amazing pieces of fried chicken, let this list guide you through this amazing world of fatty goodness.

5. Jackson’s Fried Chicken

If you like spicy fried chicken, Jackson’s Fried Chicken’s ‘OG Jacks’ is for you. While the chicken pieces aren’t as succulent as I would prefer, the spicy taste makes up for it. The crispy outer coating of the fried chicken adds further heat. With every bite, the strong peppery taste delivers waves of spicy glory in your mouth.

Jackson’s Fried Chicken is one of Foodpanda’s cloud cooking restaurants and delivers throughout the Tri-State and Mirpur area.

Price: Tk187 per two pieces
Rating: 7/10

4. Crispy

This is one of the newest additions to the competitive fried chicken arena of Dhaka. Crisp has some of the juiciest and meatiest fried chickens in all of Dhaka. What makes Crisp unique is their ‘Lemon Crispy Chicken’, which has a strong citrus flavor embedded in the perfectly balanced and flavorful meat. Out of all the items I’ve tried at Crisp, this citrus twist on fried chicken has become my true calling and a Crisp staple.

Head to Unimart’s Gulshan and Dhanmondi branches to taste Crisp’s unique fried chicken. They also deliver to the Tri-State region and Dhanmondi and surrounding areas via Foodpanda, Pathao, Shohoz, and HungryNaki.

Price: Tk270 per two pieces
Rating: 8/10

3. KFC

While it might not have come as a surprise to many, KFC truly deserves all the hype it gets. If we were to rank this list based on maintaining high standards consecutively, KFC takes the crown. KFC’s chicken pieces are the freshest so far and pack the most punch when it comes to quality. In terms of taste, it has remained the same as ten years ago.

The light heat, crispy outer layer, and fatty meat are worth every penny. If you have a craving for fried chicken and don’t know where to get it, KFC is your best bet.

Visit the many KFC branches in Dhaka or have it delivered to your doorstep through their website or Foodpanda.

Price: Tk549 per four pieces
Rating: 8.5 / 10

2. BFC

By now, we all know Best Fried Chicken (BFC) has become a hot spot for fried chicken lovers. The crispy outer layer, succulent meat and spicy signature are all reminders of us.

Every bite of BFC’s delicious Crispy Fried Chicken feels like a warm hug. And over the many years that BFC has served us with juicy, fatty, perfectly cooked fried chicken, they’ve also established themselves as the name that comes closest to KFC’s glory. True to its namesakes, BFC has become one of the best.

It’s also a great quick bite option as there is a BFC in almost every part of town.

BFC has many branches across Dhaka where you can have their fried chicken delivered via Foodpanda, Pathao, Shohoz Food, Hungry Naki, and Hopper.

Price: Tk190 per two pieces
Rating: 9/10

1. Bangladesh barbecue

Dhaka doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to Korean fried chicken. But being a Korean-born restaurant, BBQ Bangladesh has three options for Korean fried chicken that tastes so good you’ll come back wanting more.

Best of the lot is Gangjeong Chicken. Unlike the crispy variant of fried chicken, this variety of Korean fried chicken has a much thinner outer layer and is covered with a sweet, slightly spicy sauce that makes Gangjeong Fried Chicken so special.

The heavenly combination of the juicy pieces of Gangjeong Chicken and the savory gravy will whisk your taste buds on a healthy ride and BBQ Bangladesh rightly takes the crown.

BBQ Bangladesh has branches in Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani, Mohakhali and Uttara, and delivers via Foodpanda to selected locations.

Price: Tk449 per five pieces
Rating: 9.5 / 10


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