The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Cigars


Cigars are a great way to unwind after a long day, mark an occasion, or bond with friends. That said, if you’re new to the sport, it can be hard to know where to start. So if you’re looking to explore the cigar game, expand your knowledge, or buy a gift for a cigar lover, Cigora is an excellent starting point. Cigora provides the knowledge you need to navigate the world of handmade cigars by simply connecting to a community of cigar enthusiasts.

Cigora’s beginner recommendations differ from others on the market because they don’t just stick to mild or classic strains. Instead, the guide covers a range of price points, bodies, and flavor profiles. Ranging from mild, beginner-friendly options to full-bodied powers, a variety of high-quality cigars can be found in their Ultimate cigar sampler for beginner. So whether you’re looking for tips, recommendations, or just a simple guide to where to start, we’ve broken down the beginner sampler below.


Top 10 cigars for beginners

Pro Tip from Cigora: “As we move on to the fuller bodied side of the sampler, prepare for success. None of these cigars will be ‘too much’ if you approach them correctly. Enjoy fuller cigars after a full meal, and if you like , with a sugary drink – a Rum & Coke or a Dr. Pepper works well.”

And then ?

If you’ve been through the sampler, you might be wondering where am I coming from? No worries – Cigora recommends taking notes on what you did and what you didn’t like. Then do some research. Do the cigars you like have something in common? Is it the wrapper, the country, the flavors, the body? As you continue to explore more cigars, you will learn which type of blend suits your taste.

Another idea is to try more cigars from a brand you’ve enjoyed. Although cigars from one brand taste very different, you will often find that certain cigar makers or factories have a signature “style” that you can latch on to. And finally, ask the Cigora community. Post on the website and tell people what you’ve tried, what you’re looking for, and get ready to unlock a wealth of expert knowledge and new recommendations.



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