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(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Baking isn’t just a hobby for a local woman, it’s a passion.

“I actually started baking, I think, when I was 16. I started making my cakes, and then I started making everyone’s cakes for their birthdays. And then that just grew from there and it just became this huge thing that’s almost taken over my house. But I really love it,” Nicole McNutt said.

Nicole McNutt has been cooking for a long time and her experience shows what she is capable of creating.

“These are probably my favorite. It’s actually made to order, it’s cake pops that are made with modeling chocolate. Each of the petals are handmade and placed. So it takes a bit of time but it’s a It’s a really fun thing to do,” McNutt said.

Although Sam’s Club Bakery may be Nicole’s full-time job, her dream is to have her own right here in St. Joe. Until then, she’s been working from home where she has the freedom to do something meaningful, like fundraising. Nicole is a survivor and dreams of helping other women.

“We’re going to hire victims of domestic violence and help them get back on their feet, connect them with places like the YWCA. The main thing we want to get across is helping victims of domestic violence and putting them back because so many don’t leave their situation because they don’t have the funds or they don’t know where to go,” McNutt said.

Provide our community with more than a dozen sweet treats.

“We’re going to try and give it a shot and call it brave cakes,” McNutt said.

She says that even with the high costs and labor that come with cooking, it will be a dream to help the victims of something she experienced herself.

“I mean, at the end of the day, it’s really worth being able to help others, especially since I’ve been there myself. I don’t want to leave anyone behind,” McNutt said.

McNutt says all remaining desserts and donations will go to the YWCA Women’s Shelter.


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