School Road Publishing announces Niki Bezzant as new publisher of Thrive


School Road Publishing announced that the acclaimed writer, journalist and speaker Niki Bezzant as a wellness and sustainability editor magazine Prosper. Niki will assume her new role in August when she takes the helm of current publisher and simple life guru. Wendyl nissen, which moves away from Prosper to return to the world of book writing.

“I am delighted to join the Prosper team, and I can’t wait to pick up where Wendyl left off. Prosper has already built a strong and engaged community, and I look forward to connecting with them and learning how we can grow the brand and take it to the next step in its journey, ”says Niki.

“I think more and more people are looking for great health, sustainability and wellness journalism in all its forms, and on a deeper level than they could have in the past. I look forward to sharing what we are learning and helping women thrive, ”she adds.

Niki is a multiple award-winning writer, speaker and commentator and brings with her 20 years of experience working in the New Zealand media industry. She made her career out of a passion for food, health and nutrition. Niki was the founding editor of Healthy Food Guide, where she took the title of an independent start-up to New Zealand’s best-selling food magazine, a position she held for over a decade until it moved to a digital publication at the end of 2019. As an editor (a role she held for 12 years), she was named Supreme Editor of the Year at the 2010 NZ Magazine Awards, and in 2019, she won awards for Best Writing and Outstanding Contribution to Food and Health Communication at the NZ Food Media Awards.

Niki, who is currently a health editor for School Road Publishing’s Women magazine, is passionate about health, food and sustainable living. She has a keen interest in vintage and sustainable fashion and sews many of her own clothes. She is an avid reader, eater, movie buff, and practitioner. She is also a member of the board of directors of the NZ Nutrition Foundation, an ambassador for the Garden to Table Foundation and past president of Food Writers NZ.

“I am delighted to welcome Niki to the School Road Publishing family. With her knowledge and passion for the health and wellness industry, as well as her extensive experience in the publishing world, she will be an ideal writer for Prosper. The possibilities for Niki to extend a Prosper community beyond the print page and digital platforms, with events, awards, podcasts, and branded extensions are wide open, and the Stanley Street advertising agency, where we are based, owns the expertise to ensure that we are the best in the class, ”says School Road Édition – Group Editor, Sido Kitchin.

“I also want to take this opportunity to thank Wendyl, Prosper founding editor, for creating such a beautiful and meaningful magazine. Wendyl put her heart and soul into the launch Prosper, and it leaves the magazine in a strong position, with retail sales and advertising growing significantly. Beyond the wonderful work that Wendyl has accomplished as a curator Prosper, I would like to thank for the enormous personal support she gave me during the launch phase of School Road Publishing, ”adds Sido.

Launched by School Road Publishing in November of last year, Prosper is a bimonthly magazine intended to enrich the lives of readers passionate about their well-being, as well as the world around them.

Prosper now connects and reaches even more Kiwi readers than ever before with the announcement of School Road Publishing’s content partnership agreement with New Zealand’s largest news site, Thing, in December of last year. Thing shares a selection of stories and video content from the four School Road Publishing magazines hosted under Things Life & Style and Travel verticals.


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