Rainbow roses, artisan dishes and cheese hearts: the ultimate guide to Valentine’s Day gifts for Northampton town center 2022


This week, Chronicle & Echo visited Northampton town center with our newspaper photographer, Kirsty Edmonds, to meet independent businesses and create the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide.

It was great to get out on the High Street and see the faces behind some of our town’s most important family businesses – you certainly can’t beat the quality our independent stores provide. There are a variety of gifts, handmade with love and, above all, from local producers.

Whether that special someone in your life is a lover of artisanal cuisine, jewelry, handmade gifts, designer clothes, tasteful charcuterie boards or bouquets of roses in the colors of the rainbow sky, our downtown has it all.

Take a look at what freelance businesses in Northampton have to offer for Valentine’s Day 2022:


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