Raddish Kids Launches New Baking Club and Global Eats Club to Help Kids Pursue Their Culinary Passions


Club subscribers get free access to hundreds of Radish Recipes on Raddish+

REDONDO BEACH, Calif., July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — radish kids – the award-winning culinary subscription box for kids and the leading resource for teaching kids to cook – today announced the launch of Raddish Baking Club and Raddish Global Eats Club, in addition to the original Raddish Cooking Club, to meet to the expanding culinary needs of children. interests. Raddish subscribers also get free access to all Raddish recipes at Radish+ – the digital collection of the entire library of radish recipes, selected cooking skills and bonus content.

The radish pastry club is designed for kids looking for star baker status! Each kit includes two recipe guides: a “Quick Bake” – a dish that can be made in less than an hour – and a “Star cooking– an in-depth 18-step recipe resulting in a jaw-dropping dessert. Each kit includes fun star-shaped decoration such as sprinkles, sanding sugar, cake decorations, candy letters, and more. , plus a cooking tool, apron patch and Table Talk cards.

The Raddish Global Eats Club takes kids on a culinary adventure through their taste buds to different parts of the world. Children will expand their palates and minds each month, learning about other cultures, cuisines and traditions. Each kit focuses on a new country or region and includes three recipe guides, a quality kid’s kitchen tool, a fun hands-on activity, a game and/or craft, an apron patch, cards Table Talk and bonus online content such as a music playlist, recipes, games, and more.

These clubs join the original Radish Cooking Club which ships a new cooking kit every month with a different theme that teaches kids to make a variety of recipes from classics and seasonal favorites to global cuisine and science cooking. Each kit includes three recipe guides, a quality kid’s kitchen tool, a fun hands-on activity, a game and/or craft, an apron patch, and bonus online content such as a music playlist , recipes, games, and more.

Club memberships now include access to everything Club recipes and old radish recipes free on Radish+. The platform allows members to follow Raddish Kids’ 12-step illustrated recipe cards from their favorite device. This new free offer gives subscribers access to hundreds of past radish recipes and up to 10 new recipes per month.

“Kids’ interest in cooking is stronger than ever, so we’re providing options that suit their culinary interests – giving them the chance to cook our entire collection of hundreds of recipes with our new free offer “, said Samantha Barnes, Founder and CEO of Raddish Kids. “Realizing that family budgets are stretched to the limit right now, we want to be a company that offers more for less – enabling our members to enjoy more quality time in the kitchen, creating delicious memories with their families and their friends.”

Radish Kits are designed to teach kids ages 4-14 every step of creating recipes, from grocery shopping and measuring ingredients, to key cooking skills and kitchen safety so kids can eventually make any recipe they like. A free apron is included in the three, six and 12 month subscriptions. Individual kits can also be purchased as well as kitchen tool sets and the size of a bite Cooking kits. Prices range from $16$24 depending on your subscription plan. Available on RaddishKids.com or Amazon.com.


Founded by a former college professor Samantha Barnes, Raddish Kids is the premier resource for teaching kids to cook, building their cooking confidence, developing their palate, and making learning delicious. Raddish offers three cooking clubs that cater to children’s culinary interests. These include Raddish Cooking Club, Raddish Baking Club and Raddish Global Eats Club. Each Raddish Kitchen Kit is designed by parents, educators and chefs to teach kids the joys of cooking through beautifully illustrated recipes, cooking tools and hands-on activities while taking the guesswork out of teaching kids how to cook. to cook. Science, math, geography and other academic subjects are intertwined with each theme kit, making the kitchen the tastiest place to learn. Since its inception in 2014, Raddish has introduced over 100 cooking kits and taught over half a million children the joys of cooking. Raddish was recognized as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine, as well as recognized with the Parents’ Choice Gold Award and the CUBE Best Customer Experience Award. www.raddishkids.com.

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