PLAY MODE Beverage Company launches in all Raley’s, Bel Air and Nob Hill stores in the United States


Sacramento, California.–PLAY MODE Beverage Company continues its rapid growth across the United States, launching in all Raley’s, Bel Air and Nob Hill stores. Michael Baeta, founder and owner of PLAY MODE Beverage Company, continues to innovate and expand the brand across the United States.

PLAY MODE captures loyal consumers obsessed with the wellness needs and social benefits of their beverages. “Today’s consumer wants the best of both worlds. A healthy alternative to sodas, sports drinks and energy drinks, but also a drink that offers benefits for an active social lifestyle. Baeta States

“Hydrate While You Celebrate” is PLAY MODE’s catchy slogan that is valuable to the soft and alcoholic beverage world, showcasing PLAY MODE’s innovation in bridging the gap between wellness needs and health demands. social endurance.

PLAY MODE is an all-natural, pharmaceutical-grade drink that provides fast results for severe dehydration. Higher levels, less sugar, faster results. Delicious flavors without medicinal taste with the composition to balance the organism during severe diuretic activities.

PLAY MODE is positioned as the next step in the evolution of hydration and well-being. “If you’re going for a walk around the neighborhood, a bottle of water is fine, but if you’re flying, high-altitude skiing, partying in Vegas, enjoying the CBD, or hooking up with your friends at an event , the best option today is PLAY MODE. Water is not enough,” says Baeta.

“Water alone does not provide the body with what it needs during intense diuretic activity. The body must immediately replenish lost bodily fluids to stay balanced, alert and active. We have all been there before and suffered from severe dehydration. A bottle of water is fine, but it’s not an immediate cure. PLAY MODE eliminates restocking time and also eliminates 20 trips to the bathroom throughout the day and night,” says Baeta.

The new packaging features all natural benefits such as higher levels of zinc, vitamin C, super antioxidants, sea salt, potassium, magnesium, only 5 grams of good-for-you sugars and no caffeine, for the health-conscious consumer; as well as a fill line on the side of the bottle for easy mixing of the active socialite. “Similar to big energy drinks and big soda companies, we use the same language of bright colors, big bold print and entertaining marketing to speak directly to youth culture. The difference is that we provide a healthy, fun and sustainable lifestyle option throughout the day and night,” says Baeta. PLAY MODE’s combination of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having an active social life fits well in a market looking for healthier options.

PLAY MODE Beverage Company has launched three delicious new flavors in a six-pack option. POWER PUNCH, a nostalgic thirst-quenching fruit punch flavor with no added sugar, PLAY FROSÉ, a delicious light blend of the famous rosé champagne and rosé, and a new version of the classic BERRY BLITZER flavor, combining the attributes of grape and cranberry .

PLAY MODE started by entering wine and spirits giant Southern Glazer’s for Nevada, offering an alternative to Fiji Water and Red Bull in Las Vegas, where water just isn’t enough and energy drink options are full of sugar and caffeine. PLAY MODE now has a new distribution agreement with UNFI, which has taken over West Coast, Mid-West and East Coast distribution duties for groceries, offering PLAY MODE in an attractive 20-ounce package at a suggested retail price of $3.99 each. unit, where Pedialyte is sold for infants at $6.00-$7.00 per bottle. PLAY MODE is formulated for adults while being safe for children.

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