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Summer has only just begun and part of that means getting out and discovering new places in the Detroit metro area.

If you’re looking for new restaurants to try, brunch spots to note, outdoor dining options and more, The Detroit News has you covered.

Below, find everything you need to know to prepare for a summer of food and drink.

Outdoor dining

The warm sunny weather means the demand for outdoor dining is skyrocketing. So many restaurants offer at least some outdoor seating, and some have made serious investments in their outdoor offerings.

Here is our list of great restaurant terraces in metro Detroit.


You never really need a reason to get together for brunch.

See this list of places where you can stock up on bacon and Bloody Marys in Detroit.

Gastronomic guides

Ann Arbor: Home to the University of Michigan as well as numerous museums, parks and gardens, and nightlife spots, Ann Arbor draws people from across the region to visit all it has to offer, especially the densely populated downtown that is full of restaurants, bars and shops. Here is our guide to restaurants in Ann Arbor.

Downstream: Since the start of 2021, a few new places to eat have popped up in the Detroit suburbs south of the city. Here are the details.

The Balkan House in Hamtramck serves Eastern European cuisine and specializes in German-style Doner Kebab.

Hamtramck: Anytime is a good time to visit Hamtramk and satisfy some food cravings, be it burgers, baklava, pierogi or shawarma. Here’s your 2022 guide to Hamtramck food.

Macomb County: From long-standing family businesses to hip and diverse destinations, the roughly 500 square miles just north and east of Motown has plenty to offer. Much more, in fact, than I can put in this guide, but here is a start.

For vegans: When you try to please everyone in your group, use this guide to restaurants in Metro Detroit that cater to both vegans and meat eaters.

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Where to find ….

Detroit-Style Pizza: Of course, we couldn’t have a food guide without where to find Detroit-style pizza. In honor of Detroit Style Pizza Day, which took place on June 23, The News gathered this list of places to go.

Lobster rolls: Need we say more? Get your lobster rolls at these places.

Bommarito Bakery's Italian Sub in St. Clair Shores is the best in town.

Macomb County’s Best Italian Subs: A good Italian sub on fresh bread with quality meat, cheese and a great sauce has been my favorite lunch for years. Where to find great ones in Macomb County.

Fago ice cream: Browndog Barlor, an ice cream parlour, bar and restaurant with locations in Farmington and Northville, has launched a co-branded line of Faygo ice cream flavors. Where you can catch it.

Dill Pickle Pizza: Obviously, this is a must for pickle lovers, but garlicky dogs and those who like salty, salty snacks should also give it a try. Here’s where to find pickle pizza in your corner of the country.

After:2 years into the pandemic, what restaurants have done to survive and what they would have done differently

Restaurant reviews:

To Forest tablethere is an honesty and an effort to do good both on the plate and behind the scenes. Read the review here.

A good neighborhood restaurant – which you can visit at least once a week – offers friendly service, a good selection of dishes and a moderate price. Alma kitchen has it all, plus unique and interesting cuisine, a full bar, and food any time of the day. Read the review here.

A new adventure from the team behind Chartreuse Kitchen, freya earns four stars from our Food Reviewer for its tasting menus for a variety of diets, as well as an inclusive bar program. Read the review here.

Part of the charm of Boodles it’s that he doesn’t bend over backwards to be cool or fashionable. It’s a classic. Read the review here.

To Oakland Tea House, the salted crispy chicken is one of the dishes I would go back for. Learn more in this review.

A sandwich called 'Turkish & The Wolf' made with Swiss chard, coleslaw, Swiss cheese and buttered rye.

Since its opening in the summer of 2021, Supergeil has been my favorite answer when people ask me what new restaurant they should try. Read the review here.

Open and closed restaurants:

Here are the lists of restaurants open and closed in the Detroit metro area, by month:

More culinary news

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