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Our mothers are a walking miracle because they understand us even when we’re not speaking, but this Mother’s Day 2022 is a good time to let them unburden themselves with societal expectations, slow down, breathe, and prioritize their own emotional and mental health. even though they hardly have time to take proper care of their physical health. In a society where motherhood and sacrifice are often seen as synonyms, moms more often than not take care of themselves and according to a survey moms put their health and well-being at the bottom of the list because they juggle many roles such as caregiver, partner, housewife, employee, daughter-in-law and many others.

Each of these roles is governed by attitudes, beliefs and perspectives and most of them have a set of unrealistic expectations and demands, which often prove very taxing on physical and mental health. According to health experts, postpartum depression is quite common in India as it affects around 20-25% of first time mothers in our country where women go through life changing physical, mental and emotional experiences in the time of childbirth.

With mental health care at breaking point, many new mothers feel increasingly isolated and on their own. Therefore, postpartum depression may occur for the first time during pregnancy, for the first time after childbirth, or it may be preceded by a recognized problem. or not recognized before the woman becomes pregnant. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, wellness coach Veena Majitya said, “Stress and pressure are part of modern life. We are often faced with a situation that we go through both personally and professionally. In such situations, it is useful to know or learn how to calm down.

She advised: “Always start with deep breathing. Breathing deeply helps you focus and release stress and allows you to relax much faster than anything else. If you are under pressure at work, just take a 5 minute walk. Look around for some fresh air, it will help you think better and help you find different options. The most important and proven technique is to meditate. Meditation is not just about crossing your leg and closing your eyes. It forces you to sit quietly and focus on your breathing and it will benefit you to manage your emotions well, relax, release stress and keep your mind calm.

Bringing her expertise along the same lines and suggesting mental health tips for mothers and mother figures to keep their minds calm, Sheetal Shaparia, life coach, astrologer and tasseographer, revealed: “If you want to keep your mind calm, you must first keep your body stable. Our mind and body are interconnected, so if your body is healthy, eventually your mind will calm down. A few activities you can consider doing are exercising regularly, eating on time, having balanced meals, and getting enough sleep. Beware of the traps of thought, they are easy to make us fall into a negative spiral.

She added, “Overthinking will never lead us in the right direction. You should hold on to those things that restore positivity among us. Slow down and relax, give yourself time, meet or connect with your friends and family and laugh. We often hear people say “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed”. The best tip is to sleep with positive thoughts and wake up with fresh thoughts. Affirmations are a great way to instill motivational thoughts in your head. Start with positive affirmations at the start of the day so you can feel good inside for the rest of the day.

According to Mylo’s Mother’s Day survey of 2,000 mums-to-be and new mums, it was revealed that 76% of mums say the act of juggling every day is the root cause of stress, with 50% of mums – aim happiness not perfection is their panacea for calming down, talking to someone they trust helps 52% of moms de-stress, moms turn to their own mom as their most sought-after ‘vent buddy’ and almost 50% of mothers agree that maternal mental health is an overlooked issue due to a lack of agreement.

Richa Vashista, Chief Mental Health Expert at AtEase, explained: “Being a new mum can be an exciting experience, but simultaneously it can trigger a complex mix of emotions like anxiety and fear. Understanding and dealing with postpartum depression (PPD) is crucial as it can have detrimental effects on the family and a woman’s confidence in her ability to be a good mother. As a new mom tries to provide the best care for her child, her family, and herself, she must also find ways to take care of her own health.

She recommended, “Exercising and maintaining a healthy diet during the postpartum period is one way to improve psychological well-being and relieve symptoms of postpartum depression. The bond with the newborn benefits both mother and child, as close contact with the infant releases oxytocin, which makes the mother happier. New moms should remember to take care of themselves while they focus on the little one. Practicing self-care, spending quality time with family and friends, taking time to rest to deal with lost sleep, and engaging in hobbies are an important part of postpartum care and recovery. .


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