Meet Sakshi Bakshi, who brings healthy and tasty meals to your doorstep


After working with several pharmaceutical companies, Sakshi Bakshi realized that many health problems, especially metabolic disorders, can be managed with diet and lifestyle management.

However, it is not easy for most people to stick to a long term diet because they get bored or crave certain tastes and foods.

So, Sakshi decided to launch Nucros Science and Taste in Delhi-NCR in 2020, which helps people achieve their health goals without compromising on taste or variety.

“My vision is to create a world where no one has to compromise on taste to achieve their health goals. Nucros’ mission is to provide total convenience and deliver tasty and healthy meals calculated in nutrients and macros on a subscription basis right to your doorstep, ”said Sakshi. His history.

Cooking for the pharmaceutical industry

After graduating in business management from Singapore University of Management, Sakshi has worked with a few healthcare consulting firms, including pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and healthcare service providers.

Being born into a family of doctors, she has always been keen to do something to promote a shift to healthier living.

In fact, growing up watching shows like MasterChef, Sakshi converted his passion for food by learning cooking techniques from Le Cordon Bleu, London, which helped her when she decided to launch Nucros.

“I am very passionate about making a long term impact in people’s lives. Nucros helps improve people’s lifestyle for life. This allows them to develop better eating habits, improving both their physical and mental health. They become more confident in their body image and in themselves. It also helps reverse chronic health issues including diabetes, PCOS etc. and minimizes side effects such as risk of heart disease, cancer etc. by using natural ingredients instead of drugs ” , explains Sakshi.

Creation of a schedule

Nucros Science aims to solve two problems:

1. Most people who try to follow the diets prescribed by a doctor or dietitian at home cannot follow them for long because they are restrictive, the ingredients are difficult to come by, or the recipes are difficult to prepare. Thus, the startup offers personalized and freshly cooked meals at the doorstep.

2. Most people find that diet foods lack taste and end up cheating most of the time.

“At Nucros, we combine taste with nutrition. Each of our meals has measured calorific values, and they are very pleasing to the taste buds. This is what makes us different, ”explains Sakshi.

However, the task was not easy. Sakshi assembled a team of doctors and nutritionists who helped her create the right meal plans for different types of health goals, including reversing diabetes, losing weight, managing PCOS, boosters. fertility and lactation, etc.

Setting up operations

Sakshi also recruited chefs and conducted food trials to make sure each meal had the right nutrition and tasted great.

“This is where my culinary expertise came in. For two months, we experimented with different types of superfoods and purchased hard-to-find ingredients including blue spirulina, baobab, acai, and seeds. hemp, among others, from the United States, ”she says.

These ingredients act as nutritional powerhouses and are powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties.

Once the startup was ready to go, it did a beta review with family and friends.

“After incorporating their feedback and working with delivery partners, we fully launched the business in July 2020. To my surprise, subscription user base increased 200% in one month, and that too, in the midst of the first peak of the pandemic! There has been no turning back since then, ”says Sakshi.

However, it was not a smooth ride. The startup also faced the problem of customer attrition. He showed that when most subscribers hit their health goals within two to three months, they wouldn’t resubscribe to the plans.

To combat this problem, Nucros has diversified its business portfolio towards balanced meal plans for families and businesses and retail products as alternative sources of income.

These new offers have allowed the startup to retain its customer even after discontinuing its subscription plans.

Market and competition

According to Statistical, in 2020, the Indian Online Food Delivery Market was worth around $ 4.35 billion. By 2025, the market is expected to reach a value of nearly $ 13 billion.

In fact, in a recent survey conducted by the company, about 21 percent of respondents said they continue or increase their online food orders even after confinement.

On average, Nucros’ meal costs between Rs 200 and Rs 250, depending on the subscription plan. A the monthly subscription can cost between Rs 15,000 and Rs 25,000, which includes monitoring of blood tests and support from a physician / nutritionist. So far, the startup has raised an undisclosed seed tour friends and family.

Startups like Eat Fit – which started with a subscription model – has moved to an on-demand model.

Food delivery platforms, including BhojanTech based in Delhi-RCN, Homefoodi based on Noida, and Authenticook based in Mumbai and Pune, are connecting home chefs – who have seen increased demand amid the COVID-19 pandemic – with potential customers.

Future plans

Speaking about her learnings, Sakshi says, “As an entrepreneur, the biggest lesson I have learned is to be agile. The faster you make a decision, the faster you can succeed or fail. I consciously tried to create a culture of trial and error at Nucros, leading the team to be more creative and empowered.

She adds: “Another important lesson has been to drive operations using technology. This has helped us to create standardized and automated processes, where we can accommodate more than 100 clients with a small staff, thus creating savings.

Going forward, the startup plans to expand to other Tier I markets for its meal subscription program. He also plans to develop his retail products for different health concerns such as premixed smoothies to boost fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and healthier food trading for insulin resistance, etc.

Advise women entrepreneurs, says Sakshi, “My advice to all young entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, would be to be fearless. I believe that women have great qualities to be leaders – they are versatile, versatile with a keen eye for detail, dedicated, empathetic and enthusiastic – all essential for pursuing entrepreneurship. Therefore, do not give up on your dreams and do not be afraid of failures. Chess helps you grow, and as long as you grow, you are sure to be successful. So keep moving forward and don’t lose your motivation.


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