McVitie’s Calls In “Star Psychic” To Analyze The Spread Of Cookie Crumbs


Cookie giant McVitie’s has teamed up with star seer Jayne Wallace to reveal what the spread of Hobnob’s crumbs might signal about our fate and fortune.

Similar to the age-old art of tea leaf reading, the very first ‘Crumb Reading Guide’ identified six options, expertly analyzed by Jayne, who works as a medium for a number of prominent clientele including Kim Kardashian and Kate Hudson.

Adventurers can sample their favorite McVitie’s cookie, then search for shapes in the crumbs on their plate, using the special Halloween guide.

  • Flower – Flowers are related to current situations, which means new beginnings, new beginnings and new opportunities. When you find a flower in your crumbs, change is everywhere. Now is the perfect time to make decisions.

McVitie’s Crumb Reading Guide for Fortune Seekers
  • Bird or Wings – If you can spot the shape of a bird or wings, it is a symbol of freedom, which means it is time to take a leap of faith! The position of the bird is important for the importance of your news, with the center suggesting important news and the edge signifying smaller, but still important changes on the horizon.

  • Heart – Hearts are a sign of luck and joy. If your heart is closed, you have a good chance of romantic success with a current or new lover. Whenever we find a heart in our crumbs, we should become more aware of what we love in our life – whether it is family, friendship or romance, love is the powerful emotion at the center of it. ‘humanity.

  • Confront – The face represents happiness and support. Faces are a symbol of success in your life, work or relationships, so enjoy a reward, kick your feet up and grab another cookie!

  • Tree – Trees are a symbol of strength and growth. If your crumbs are falling in the shape of a tree, it means you are standing tall and strong. You spread your roots and stabilize yourself to face the harshest storms. As the tree grows up and out, it also symbolizes personal growth.

  • Big crumbs – bigger crumbs might represent your ability to overcome obstacles in your life. No matter what life throws at you, you’ve got it covered.

Wallace, described by Kim Kardashian as “the most gifted clairvoyant I have ever met,” said, “There is meaning to everything we do, and eating a cookie is no different. Whether you noticed it already or not, your crumbs will form important symbolic shapes.

“Love, change, or the opportunity of a lifetime could be just around the corner and with the Crumb Reading Guide, you just need to look at the crumbs on your plate to find out.”

Mark Schomberg, Senior Development Manager at McVitie’s UK&I, added: “At McVitie’s, we pride ourselves on crumbly oats from the country’s crispest companion – the Hobnob. This Halloween, we’re excited to have worked with Jayne Wallace, helping cookie lovers get the most out of every crumb.

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