MasterChef Junior Hosts Their First Bake Sale In Season 8


It’s time for the first ever bake sale on Junior Master Chef. And with the teams ending up being boys versus girls, it was once again a one-team drama, as the strong personalities made themselves known from the get-go.

Right from the start of the MasterChef Junior Bake Sale Challenge, it seemed like Team Red (which was the all-girl team) seemed to be on the same page. And the blue team (which was the boys’ team) seemed to have trouble working as a team. At the very beginning, the blue team tried to think outside the box, but that also meant they didn’t care who they were cooking for.

During the baking portion of the competition, both teams struggled with underbaked things, things that didn’t go into the oven in a timely manner, and way too much icing.

MasterChef Junior hosted a bake sale that didn’t deliver all the deliciousness we were hoping for

JUNIOR MASTERCHEF: LR: Competitors Abir and Cruz in “Junior Edition: Big Bake Sale? episode of MASTERCHEF JUNIOR airs Thursday, May 12 (9:01-10:00 p.m. ET/PT) on FOX. © 2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. RC: FOX.

Once we got to the tasting portion of the evening, it was clear that while both teams were able to put their four baked goods on the table and serve them to their guests, there were flaws at all. levels. We’re talking about overcooked cookies on both teams, a blonde with unnecessary frosting that oversweetened the treat, and even a chocolate and cereal bar that didn’t look good but had actually tastes good.

After all the deliberation, it was ultimately the red team that emerged victorious, while the blue team ended up losing. And given that only the team captain, Cruz, was able to deliver a delicious cupcake, he was perhaps the only one who seemed to be safe. (He was called a strong leader, even with their loss.)

At the end of the night, it was unfortunately Abir who returned home after failing to deliver his biscuit. And while we’re sad to see him go (he was definitely one of our favorites), it only made sense that he’d come home after overbaking his cookie and not being able to bake all 20 cookies he had. was supposed to do.


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