Martha Stewart ditched the ultimate baked potato hack


In Martha Stewart’s TikTok video, which has over 30,000 likes and 273,000 views, the celebrity cook says that for the “ultimate chewy potatoes” you need to cook your potatoes then mash them. Demonstrating her startling technique, she begins by taking a sharp knife to break the skin off a hot potato before smashing the cut side directly onto the counter. Stewart proclaims that the potato looks like “snow”. Then she garnishes it with a spoonful of butter, a little cream and a good spoonful of egg caviar.

The baked, mashed potato looks pretty tasty, and her fans agree. One wrote, “These are NEXT LEVEL baked potatoes…Caviar? Cream Fraiche? Gotta up my game!” Meanwhile, another humorously replied, “You forgot the ketchup.”

What is the best potato to use to make these oven mashed potatoes? According to its website, Russets are the “it” potato for the job, noting that the higher amount of starch it contains gives that sweet, pleasant bite you hope for with a baked potato. However, Stewart shared in an Instagram post, “Usually we don’t bake big golden potatoes from the Yukon, but yesterday I mixed some with some big potatoes from Idaho and made them. slow roasted at 325 for an hour and a half…loved the Yukon gold!” So the answer is to use what you like now that you know how Stewart really eats his potatoes.


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