Lime thrilled to be selected by Hamilton to operate shared scooters and e-bikes


Hamilton, New Zealand (June 16, 2021) – Lime, the world’s leading provider of micromobility, applauded and thanked Hamilton City Council for choosing Lime to provide shared scooters and electric bikes for a permit starting July 1 2021.

Lime has been operating a scooter-sharing service in Hamilton since August 2019 and is excited to add e-bikes to become a multimodal micromobility provider in the city.

“We are delighted to continue to operate in Hamilton, a move that we are honored to see as an endorsement of the partnership that we have worked hard to build over the past two years,” said Lauren Mentjox, Lime’s director of government relations. for ANZ.

“Throughout our time in Hamilton, we have strived to continually improve the experience for cyclists and non-cyclists and will continue to do so by adding bike sharing to the mix. We look forward to continuing to work with Hamilton City Council as a responsible partner to achieve our common goals, including reducing personal car use, expanding access to transportation, and maximizing safety and environmental protection.

Lime is proud to support Hamilton City Council’s Access Hamilton Transportation Strategy and the Bike and Micromobility Plan by providing people with more transportation options for getting around the city. .

Lime is proud of its commitment to operate safely and will use its global experience as well as its hyperlocal expertise in Hamilton to operate the safest possible program in the city, Mentjox said.

“Our safety efforts in Hamilton will include the deployment of integrated helmet lock technology to provide a helmet to every vehicle, the distribution of free helmets through an established network of small businesses and the promotion of the training mode, one race to the next. maximum speed limit for new riders.

“We will also use our advanced geofencing technology to enforce no-park, no-traffic, and slow-down zones in less than a second and incentivize rider rebalancing to correct parking errors and congestion. . “

Lime is also working with the Hamilton Central Business Association on the “Lime and Dine” Food Guide, an initiative that offers discounted scooter trips to customers visiting participating restaurants and cafes in the CBD. The Lime and Dine guide can be found at

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