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Posted Jun 10, 2021 1:39 PM

Over the past year, have you enjoyed a culinary creation from Ateira’s on First?

If so, you may have already tried some of Sarah Schweitzer’s cooking.

The Lehighton woman is the deputy head of the Lehighton area catering business and is currently participating in a global competition to find the greatest baker of 2021.

The “Greatest Baker” competition is co-organized by Alice Fevronia and Sophie Faldo, two British cooking queens specializing in all that is sweet. It is the world’s largest online competition for bakers. The winner will be featured in “Bake from Scratch” magazine and will receive $ 20,000.

The 25-year-old, who also contributes every two months to The Times News’ food page, said she entered the competition in hopes of gaining financial independence for her future ventures around the world. culinary.

She currently sits first in her group and will advance to the quarter-finals on June 11 if she stays ahead.

When asked why she entered the competition, Schweitzer replied that it was obvious.

“I would like to draw more attention to the local cuisine and baking that we offer in Carbon County, especially by entering the competition,” she said, adding that there are both options free voting, as well as donation voting, which supports the No Kid. Hunger Foundation.

The winner of the final phase of the competition will be announced on July 1. Schweitzer has extensive experience in the culinary world, having graduated from the Commonwealth Charter Academy in 2013 and going through a dual certification in Culinary Arts and Pastry at Ecole des Arts Culinaires Auguste Escoffier.

But his passion for cooking and baking began long before his college years.

“I learned to cook and cook alongside my mom-to-be for many years,” said Schweitzer. “I learned how to bake paska bread, pierogies, meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, cakes, pies and all kinds of cooking and baking items thanks to her.

“As I got older, this love of cooking and baking turned into a passion for life and a dream of doing what I love to do every day.

“I decided to take up this profession because it is stimulating, exciting and competitive. There is always something new to learn or study. It’s fun, and cooking and baking bring me great joy.

Her journey has taken her to positions in various restaurants, most notably as the former cook of Chef Robert Irvine at his former restaurant Fresh Kitchen by Robert Irvine in Allentown and now at Ateira’s on First.

She credits both locations for allowing her dream to blossom over the past few years.

When not creating culinary masterpieces for her work, Schweitzer can be found in her own kitchen cooking something for her family, for her blog. https://simplysarah.online or for the Times News.

“I make my own phyllo dough, sourdough starters, puff pastry, specialty desserts, broths, pasta, hand-rolled croissants, kimchi and fermented foods,” she said. declared. “If I have the time and can do something completely from scratch, I will.

“When you have a fresh organic farm and wonderful ingredients, it inspires me to do everything by hand and from scratch as much as possible. “

To support Schweitzer in this contest and see some of his sweet creations, visit https://greatestbaker.com/2021/sarah-schweitzer and click on “Hero Vote” to buy votes or on “Free Daily Vote”.

Sarah Schweitzer shows the bread she baked. The Lehighton area chef is currently participating in an online ‘The Greatest Baker’ contest. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

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