Jonathan Ross: Star shares 1.5th easy diet weight loss transformation


Jonathan Ross will appear on The Masked Singer: The Final, which airs at 7pm on ITV tonight, alongside fellow celebrities Rita Ora, Davina McCall and Mo Gilligan. Viewers will remember the 61-year-old’s recent weight loss journey.

Jonathan Ross explained how, like many, he put on a few pounds during the lockdown.

But before returning to British television screens, the comedian decided to lose weight.

He started a liquid diet which helped him lose a stone in just four weeks.

To do this, Jonathan swapped his meals for protein shakes.

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Along with quitting alcohol, in 2020, Jonathan also started living a vegan lifestyle.

When asked if he was missing dairy, he told the Mirror: ‘You are missing things.

“I ate eggs once or twice, but accidentally. It hasn’t changed me at all – I’m not a standard bearer for a vegan diet.

Jonathan has struggled with his weight more than once over the years, deciding to go on the keto diet in 2015.

At the time, the presenter opened up about Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, revealing he had lost nearly two stone.

He said: “My wife wanted to be on a diet so you could maintain it, but also really enjoy the food.”

The comedian also took to Reddit threads for advice. He continued, “A lot of them were talking about a diet called Keto.

“It’s a bit like Atkins but more scientific.

“It’s mostly meat and fish, lots of eggs and cheese. You have a lot of cauliflower.

“There’s a lot of work to do, so I watch them work pretty hard in the kitchen and eat whatever they’ve prepared.

“You can have a Nando’s but you can’t have tokens.”

Jonathan added that although he ate “a lot of food”, he lost “like a stone and a half”.


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