IOS 15 leak teases food tracking, better notifications, and a new lock screen


The expected iOS 15 reveal is set to take place at Apple’s annual Global Developer Conference, which kicks off in two weeks. Now, ahead of the latest iPhone software update, a leaker has shared some great news regarding upcoming notifications and lock screen changes.

While Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman previously reported that iOS 15 will bring an overhaul of iPhone notifications and lock screen, the Twitter user Connor jewiss (@connorjewiss) approved these updates (via Phone Arena). They also said food tracking will be coming to the Health app, and Dark Mode messages and UI will see “tweaks.”

As it works now, Action Center doesn’t make it easy to manage your apps alerts. Of course, you can swipe up the notifications however you like, but the backlog of notifications you see when you swipe down on your screen has always felt a little pointless. For most people, notifications only matter for now.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with the current lock screen UI, but it does look like a new look or new tools coming soon. It would be handy if you could customize the information you see on your lock screen, as well as the launch buttons. At present, you can only quickly open the flashlight and camera programs, and can only see the current date and time.

The food tracking tip for Apple’s native Health app seems like the first thing we’ve heard about the wellness-focused software changes underway. You can already track your sleep, exercise, and even medical records in the Health app, but soon users may be able to monitor their diet more closely. I hope, however, that measures will be in place to do so responsibly.

More “tweaks” are obviously expected, but Connor Jewiss said, in particular, that iOS’s dark mode user interface and Message app will receive minor updates. Dark Mode for iPhone debuted with iOS 13, while iOS 14 introduced several new messaging tools for group chats and more.

While none of these alleged iOS 15 features are far-fetched, it’s important to take this Twitter user’s information with a grain of salt. They claim to have seen “some iOS 15,” but they don’t have much history of a tech leak. That said, there is a lot of information that matches what Mark Gurman, a reliable Apple insider, has reported.

We will soon know what is true in the area of ​​the iOS 15 leaks. We expect Apple to reveal the software, which will be available on the iPhone 13 series, at the WWDC 2021 main conference on June 7. .


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