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Streaming service Peacock prepares viewers for the holiday season with new series Cook in the oven, following the success of Amy Poehler’s hit reality TV show do it. The 6-part Holiday Contest Series features eight pairs of amateur bakers who gather in a winter shack to show off their creative delicacies and share their intricate traditions with each other.

In each episode, the concoctions of the day are judged by four stubborn but caring grannies, who have a lifetime of baking experience to guide them. And the celebrations are overseen by two hosts who would be considered party life wherever they go: Maya Rudolph (big mouth) and Andy Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-nine). The eclectic a mix of people will get to know each other, get to know each other and discover the best dishes to prepare during the holiday season during the season.


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Samberg and Rudolph spoke to screen delirium about the aspects of the show that have remained with them, the joys of vicarious baking, and the brilliant moments they shared on screen together.

Baking It - grannies

Screen Rant: I loved it Cook in the oven so far, and I need to know how this wonderful meeting of the spirits came about. Did Amy Poehler force you to do this, or were you begging her to let you bake?

Maya rudolph: It was definitely a lot. Amy Poehler has a brilliant idea from her, and it made perfect sense. It was an easy sale; we said yes right away. And I think it really helped that it came from someone we love and know well and trust who said, “I did that. You’re going to love this. You should do that too.” That was sort of the selling point.

Andy Samberg: Yes, she kept saying, “It’s easy. It’s really easy.” And we were like, “Okay, yeah.”

You really made it easy.

Maya rudolph: We didn’t have to do difficult things. I can really say, in that regard, that is what made it easy. Spending time with your boyfriend and not having to cook is easy.

Andy Samberg: OK.

Have you picked up any cooking tips along the way that you hope to use or have someone else use?

Maya rudolphe: Some might say yes. It was such an interesting thing that I learned. Will I use it? Time will tell us. Who has to say?

Perhaps, like me, what really struck you were the stories of these different couples?

Andy Samberg: Yes.

Maya rudolph: Words coming out of his mouth.

Would you like to talk about getting to know these people, their stories and their cultures?

Andy Samberg: It was great. I mean, the producers did such a great job representing so many different vacation perspectives. Obviously, Maya and I are all about it.

Everyone who ended up on the show was super talented, but they were also very interesting and warm, and [so were] the stories they have had – individually and together; they are all teams.

There are couples, there are parents and kids, there are best friends … getting to know them and how they interact with each other and the little quirks and twitches in their relationships was really fun and funny. And watching these things come out of the way they work together, but also the way they choose to be on TV together, was really fun and interesting.

We even learned a lot about their extended family situation by receiving messages from them. Hearing about their kids and their traditions and all the different holidays they celebrated and all the different types of food they made was truly wonderful.

Baking - Gerard, Shawn

BAKING IT – “Gifts and Games” Episode 103 – Pictured: (ld) Gerard, Shawn – (Photo by: Jordin Althaus / Peacock)

I love how comfortable you made them. Is there something you do beforehand to prepare yourself to be the best host you can be?

Maya rudolphe: I had never really been a host like this before. I actually found it a bit scary at first, before I took the plunge. I was happy not to be alone and to be with my boyfriend because it was scary. You must be the host!

But once I knew we weren’t the judges, then I was like, “Phew! Because for me that was the ultimate scary element; judge people or tell people to go home; I never want to do this. There is only one person who can, and that is a grandmother.

Grannies gave me life. Andy, did you learn any wisdom from them or how to be mean while being nice?

Maya rudolph: Never mean, just honest!

Andy Samberg: I mean, I feel like people will release me a lot more when I’m an older person. Because you know they’ve been there, so they’ve earned it. When someone who is about the age of a grandparent gives you advice, you follow it because you know it’s not just their opinion, it’s their experience. And also, we just happen to have four amazing grannies in particular, who were funny and lovely and interesting and thoughtful.

Maya rudolph: Oh my God, I love them so much. Yeah, anyone in the room is relying on that age and that wisdom. Plus, they were all bakers – very good bakers. So stop talking and listen. That’s it. That’s all you can do.

Andy Samberg: Maya kept trying to shake everyone’s hands, and I was like, “Why are you doing this? You’re the host.” And then they say, “I just got a handshake from Maya!” I was like, “That doesn’t mean anything.” There was also a manual vibrator; it was really fun.

Maya rudolphe: That says everything.

In the first episode, you mentioned the overlap for a brief shining moment in Saturday Night Live. But there was another brief, beautiful moment of overlap that goes with me forever, which is Popstar: Never stop, never stop, the greatest film of our time. Your holiday harmonies make me want more of this in my life. Is there a way to make Conner4Real happen again?

Maya rudolphe: That’s a very good question.

Andy Samberg: I don’t know, yeah. It could become a series. This is the new movement. You have your Wet Hot series, the MacGruber series going on …

Maya rudolph: it would be [fun] to take it back.

Andy Samberg: It’ll be just about Conner and Deborah. She quit her job at Aquaspin or whatever, and she started a musical career.

On Cook in the oven, what is the most important thing that you took away from this experience that you hope to continue?

Maya rudolphe: It’s a good question. I don’t think anyone asked us, and you may have been the first.

Andy Samberg: What I took away from it was to feel very warm in the heart and to try to keep this feeling all the year.

Maya rudolphe: I feel like I’m missing out on the tradition department. I have to start new traditions in the family. Because boy, oh boy – some of these contestants are leaving.

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Cook in the oven arrives on Peacock on December 2.

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