Instructions to District and Division Secretaries to Accelerate the Program to Ensure Food Security


An information debate for borough secretaries and division secretaries, on September 16, was held at the President’s Media Department in parallel with the establishment of the Joint Multisectoral Mechanism for the Empowerment of Revitalization Centers Rural Economics to ensure food and nutrition security set up under the patronage of President Ranil Wickremesinghe on September 13.

During this online discussion led by the Presidential Advisor on National Food Security, Dr. Suren Batagoda, the implementation of the multi-sectoral combined mechanism to ensure food security at the rural level, the problems that arise in the implementation mechanism and the solutions for them were discussed in detail.

He instructed division secretaries to gather the data needed to implement the program, going door-to-door over the next week. He also advised officials might collect data online. He also asked them to implement the program with the aim of ensuring that all destitute people have access to food.

During the discussion, the problems that arise during the establishment of rural economic revitalization centers, many problems faced by farmers such as lack of sufficient fertilizer for cultivation, shortage of seeds, lack of fuel to operate farm machinery, lack of pesticides, animal damage to crops and difficulties in marketing the surplus crop were also discussed.

Dr. Suren Batagoda further pointed out that steps have already been taken to provide immediate solutions to these problems, and steps have already been taken to import fertilizers and insecticides, and necessary arrangements have been made to provide quota of fuel under QR code for fuel.

Dr. Suren Batagoda further assured that locally rare seeds would be imported and by combining all the National Revitalization Centers established under this program, an opportunity would be provided to sell the surplus produce at a reasonable price by putting them available in economic revitalization centres. who are in short supply of these products.

The following statement was also made by the Presidential Advisor, Dr. Suren Batagoda: A food crisis has arisen in the country due to the failure of cultivation during the last Yala season. Available data indicates that about 60 percent of the population has reduced their food intake due to food shortage in the country. Based on the same observation, the provision of food to low-income people has become one of our main programs.

The President’s instruction is not to let anyone starve. Therefore, we planned to provide food to the needy through a program called Community Kitchen. As a result, it is hoped to strengthen family units and collect data to implement cultivation plans in the coming season. Food can be provided to the people of the country without any shortage provided that this program is implemented continuously. On the one hand, government officials should be held accountable for the food crisis. As government officials, we must also intervene in the program to deal with the food crisis. We hope to implement food and culture programs through this economic hub.

Presidential Additional Secretaries LP Jayampathy and Dr. Sulakshana Jayawardena and Directors of Food Security and Nutrition Committee Yasantha Munasinghe and PMS Jayathilake also attended the event.

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