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If there’s one thing that signals the definite start of fall, it’s the emergence of pumpkin, apple, spice and streusel in the cooking videos that make up my entire home page. Instagram crawl. As a self-proclaimed Instagram baking connoisseur, I’ve encountered my fair share of food accounts through endless scrolls. So, in honor of welcoming the fall season and all of its culinary delights, I’ve created a list of my all-time favorite Instagram food influencers who are ready to guide us through all of our fall culinary adventures. … handmade pumpkin spice latte.

Sarah Fennel


Sarah is your go-to creator for wellness content with aesthetic flow and unique recipes she developed herself. When I stumbled across his account, I originally came for the recipes, but stayed for his insightful and honest insights into the influence of food and his highly anticipated Monday night Tik-Tok compilations.

🍁 My fall pick: Bourbon Snickerdoodle Blondies

Justine Doiron


Known for her quirky, innovative, yet accessible recipes, Justine is sure to put a twist on all of fall’s classics. Its bright and tasty recipes are accompanied by short and sweet tutorials, insightful voice-overs, and fan-favorite Trader Joe story messages. We can all count on Justine to concoct ultra-creative recipes to wow a dinner party or enjoy all night long with Halloweentown in the background.

🍁 My Fall Pick: Brown Butter Sage Pumpkin Bread

Mallory Oniki


Mallory always serves up healthy content perfect for any foodie. Her positive energy radiates through all of her videos which often include her adorable baby, Emi. The Crumbl copycat series is an absolute goldmine, along with its cereal bowls and erewhon smoothie knockoffs. While all of her recipes look delicious, her baking content is my favorite… and it will soon be yours too.

🍁 My Fall Pick: Brown Sugar Maple Cookies

Maggie Michalczyk


Living up to her Instagram handle, Maggie’s recipes largely focus on pumpkin in the fall, but she also has some amazing seasonal recipes (her line of summer citrus fruits is hard to beat!) . She is also a dietician and gives great insight into nutrition. values ​​of certain foods and how to incorporate them into your diet in easy and delicious recipes. Plus, if you’re looking for some serotonin fall aesthetics, a scroll through her fall stream will do the trick!

🍁My Fall Pick: Fall Farro Salad with Delicata Squash



Elise is a classmate who develops delicious dessert recipes so we can easily enjoy all the fall treats…let’s be sure to show her some support because being a student is hard enough! A self-proclaimed classic dessert lover, Elise only creates sweets, hence her name, so if you’re just looking for a new baking business, I would highly recommend her account!

🍁My fall pick: Apple Crumble Cupcakes


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