Indian cricketer Suryakumar’s diet is based on a 5-point plan

At the upcoming T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia, Suryakumar Yadav has emerged as the new face of Indian cricket. He earned the title “Mr. 360 Degree”, for being the main architect of India’s winning streak in the tournament. For the uninformed, the title was originally awarded to former South African captain AB de Villiers,

Analysts are stunned by the types of shots Suryakumar is displaying on Australian pitches. If Suryakumar doesn’t maintain his excellent level of fitness, it won’t be doable. He works hard in the net due to his speed and energy on the pitch. But the star Indian paste also adheres to a strict diet to fuel that stamina.

Renowned dietician and sports nutritionist Shweta Bhatia told PTI about Suryakumar’s diet. Let’s take a closer look at his 5-point diet plan.

– First of all, to improve performance both in practice and in competition.

– Above all, help him keep his body fat in the athletic range (12-15%).

-Third, his diet should keep him mentally active and awake.

– The fourth point concerned the reduction in the need to constantly restock due to the reduction in cravings.

– Last but not least, the promotion of recovery, essential for athletes. Bhatia ate as few carbohydrates as possible in order to increase his agility.

She also added some key points to her diet and revealed that she cut out all extra carbs from Surya’s diet. He consumes omega-3 fatty acids and nuts in his diet. He eats plenty of high-quality protein from non-vegetarian sources (eggs, meats, fish), dairy products, and fibrous carbohydrates from vegetables.

Hydration recommendations, i.e. fluids and electrolytes, are offered during the intervals. Supplements that improve sports performance are added before, during and after exercise.

These consist of, among other things, whey protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and joint health supplements. The fundamental strategy is sometimes modified according to match schedules, training and travel. She designs the menu and offers healthy alternatives and cuisines that break the monotony.

Suryakumar climbed the mountain by avoiding cheat meals, cutting carbs, and increasing his caffeine intake. His 360-degree game was made possible by systemic preparation, and one of his main accomplishments off the pitch was changing his eating habits.

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