In Cantal, bakery ovens can be discovered in the past thanks to virtual reality


The country of Mauriac is lucky because it still has four bread ovens in very good condition. Eyewitnesses to the past of peasant life where everyone made their own bread. “In the Middle Ages, these ovens already existed. The peasants had to pay a tax to make their bread ”, Cathy Chambon, director of the Mauriac Tourist Office, explains.

A page of the history of the region in which the application is located Legend Today allows discovery. By downloading it, visitors can easily find these cooking ovens thanks to the geolocation system. This application, with the help of images, texts and videos, tells the story of the bakery from antiquity to the present day. It also gives details on the structure of these ovens. Information to discover On the site or from his sofa. For those who are on site, the application offers an immersion in the past of these companies. For this, the tourist office provides virtual reality headsets.

Application Legend It was designed by the startup Rendr, specializing in historical and heritage reconstruction. “There is a lot of heritage in France that has not been explored by the public, so our job is to make it accessible. explains Laurent Lefebvre, founder of Rendr. Legend It covers around fifty destinations in France and Europe. It is in a way a tourist guide with suggested itineraries. The app brings history to life with completely reconstructed lost places. A real challenge requires a lot of historical documents. “Sometimes we have pretty precise plans, prints and postcards. We collect all the information available. And then obviously, there is a dark side to the reconstructions, so you have to make assumptions ”, Reports by Laurent Lefèvre.

The city of Mauriac is used for the application Legend. Already in 2018, the services of Rendr recalled in time. Travel in 3D, through the streets and historic sites of the city, through three periods: the Gallo-Roman era, the Middle Ages and the 19th century. The idea, “It’s showing what there is to attract the tourists who come to our lands”, Claire Vivien, community manager of the municipalities of the Baie de Mauriac explains. Coincidence or not, the tourist season in the country of Mauriac was exceptional in 2020.


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