“I left my job in India to pursue pastry in Paris, and I’ve never been happier”


Since childhood, I grew up seeing my mother and grandmother making different kinds of dishes. As I sometimes helped them, I watched carefully how they cooked. Likewise, I have watched them cook since I was a teenager. In fact, I was 15 when I made my first cake. Growing up, baking was part of my life, but I never thought I would center my life around the same thing.

During college parties, I sometimes decorated cakes and pastries, thus rediscovering my passion. However, I was well aware that baking was not a lucrative career option in India, and hence, I started pursuing MBA studies in 2018 and started working in business. But after a hard day’s work, I came back to try my hand at exotic cakes and pastries. One day, I randomly picked pastries for work, and one of my co-workers said, “These are the best pastries I’ve had in my life.” They said, “That’s your real talent.”

I had ignored my passion for so long

Then I realized how I had ignored my passion for so long, and now I couldn’t waste any more time. Therefore, I left my job in 2019 to gain professional experience and understand where I stood in the market. I started working in a coffee shop and was shocked to see that they only paid me 5000 rupees which was ten times less than what I got at my job. Nevertheless, I was ten times happier cooking than working in the company.

My father motivated me by saying why I was doing a job for only Rs 5,000 after my MBA, and that’s when I pinned a destination on the map, Paris, which is home to the best patisseries in the world. world.

Nothing would have been possible if I hadn’t taken the leap of faith

I did my research, applied for the course and flew to Paris in December 2019 – just as the lockdown was about to begin. Somehow I managed to complete my diploma in French pastry but when finding a job during the pandemic was difficult I was able to get one as baking was considered an essential industry here. Today, I work with one of the best Indo-French cafes in Paris and live my dream life. However, I still remember this work at Rs 5,000 and I think that nothing would have been possible if I had not taken the plunge!

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