How to Choose the Right Beverage Refrigerator and Beverage Serving Food


When you are planning to operate a convenience store or restaurant business, you may ask yourself a question: How do you choose the right refrigerator to store and display your drinks and drinks? You can consider brands, styles, specifications, storage capacities, etc. In fact, all of these questions don’t have to be difficult in making your buying decision. In fact, a wide range of refrigeration and storage refrigerators can help you easily find the right refrigerator. It’s one thing to know exactly what is right for your business needs. Once you know which features are right for your needs.

buy one commercial grade refrigerator or beverage display refrigerator would be much simpler. Below are some helpful guides for purchasing a commercial refrigerator for your store or business.

1. Observe the appearance

First, observe if the glass door of the beverage rack is askew and warped, if the glass is scratched, and if the cabinet is damaged or concave. Then check if there are any pitting, scratching or uneven color spray on the surface spray; if there is leakage of foam material. If the cabinet body and shelf are tidy and clean, and the screws are loose.

2. Test the machine

Connect the power supply, set the thermostat to the appropriate temperature range, and observe the operation of the compressor, fan motor, evaporator and condenser. Check if the thermostat and other components are working normally and if the defrost effect is normal.

3. Choose an air-cooled or direct-cooled beverage display cabinet?

The difference between air cooling and direct cooling:

Fan cooling: Fan cooling is achieved by cooling with cold wind. The cooling effect is fast, the temperature is evenly distributed, the glass is less condensed, and its function is to defrost. It is equipped with an electronic temperature control display to clearly see the internal temperature. Glaze and easy to clean. However, due to the additional fan and the complexity of the internal structure, the cost is relatively high, and the power consumption is also relatively high. It is generally used in convenience stores with large drinks and in places with high local humidity.

Direct cooling: The copper tube of the evaporator is buried inside the refrigerator for cooling, and frost will appear inside the refrigerator. The refrigeration speed is relatively slow, but it has low power consumption, low noise, good cool keeping ability and durability. Using mechanical temperature control, the temperature is controlled by the button, and the temperature cannot be precisely adjusted and we cannot see the internal temperature precisely.

4. Personalized customization

The drink display stand can be used not only to display the drinks we want to sell, but also for advertisements. For example, you can put your own design poster stickers and logo on the cabinet body and light box, you can engrave your own logo on the glass, or you can customize a glass door with a LCD screen to achieve the advertising effect and attract more customers. Then, Nenwell can help you develop a set of custom design plans to enhance the strength of our customer brand and the effect of advertising.

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5. Price and service

Nowadays there are more and more brands of beverage display cabinet, but the prices are different. As consumers, you have to choose powerful suppliers. Those who pay attention to after-sales service can guarantee the quality of beverage display cases. The high price does not mean the quality is good, but the quality of the cheap drink display cabinet is definitely not guaranteed. We have been able to serve many well-known beverage manufacturers and industry leaders in this regard, and gained recognition from customers. We have a very comprehensive after-sales service guarantee to provide customers with the best beverage display cases.

Once you choose the right refrigerator that offers you great help and convenience, you will get a great return on your investment in your store or business. These beverage cooler buying guides for your store will be effective in running your business. Knowing what you need, what items to keep, and other refrigerator-related issues will give you an idea to make the right buying decision.

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