How Food Network star Aarti Sequeira is teaching her kids faith through cooking


Posted: August 4, 2022

Photo by Aarti Sequeira via Unsplash

How Food Network star Aarti Sequeira is teaching her kids faith through cooking

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Celebrity chef and THE NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR Season 6 winner, Aarti Sequeira, recently released her new book, “My Family Recipe Journal: With Prayers & Scriptures.”

In a recent chat with Kirk Cameron on his show TAKEAWAYS, Sequeira discussed how integral food is to our lives and culture, past and present.

“I love exploring food from different cultures,” she said. “I learned that, for example, an empanada is a stuffed pastry that is fried. In virtually every culture in the world there is a version of this: samosas, Cornish pastries and even a spring roll. To me, that tells me that God said ‘Hey, take this dough, stuff it and fry it, it’s good.’

“Our dad was like an inspiration for all the recipes we make, so I like to put that into what we do in the kitchen,” she said.

Sequeira, a mother of two, said she teaches her children about God’s creation through cooking.

“I attract girls and I’m like feeling it, look what happens when you break the egg, did you know there was a yolk in it? There’s so much magic and mystery and joy when we slow down
Down,” she said. “When you cook, whether it’s clams or carrots, God created those things, so we touch them, we feel them, we experience them when we can devote one hundred percent of our attention to them.”

“It’s been such a magical experience that I kind of pulled them that way and it helped them understand that sometimes you eat for joy and sometimes you eat for function and they’re both really needed. in our lives,” she added.

Sequeira also pointed to the many stories in the Bible that involve food and hospitality.

“One of the most touching stories for me in the Bible is when David invites the son of Soul who may have had a physical disability and thought that ‘my father wanted to kill this man and now he is the king, so I am damned’ and David invites her to the table to sit with him,” she said. “It was this great leveling of the playing field and this great moment of forgiveness and clearance of all debts .

“I remember reading this and sobbing, that you could communicate so much just by inviting someone to come and sit at the table with you,” she added. “What mattered was that David said, ‘Come on, I know everything, I know you’re scared and I know you’re worried about your future, but I’ll take care of you.’ And he said all of this just while eating with him.

Sequeira recently released her recipe journal to help encourage families to come together over their food as well as the word of God.

“Recipe journals are really personal to me,” she explained. “My grandmother Lucia, I have her middle name, she was a wonderful cook. She died in infancy and she took all the recipes with her. My mother was like this did not happen to my children and so she kept a journal of recipes for as long as I can remember.

“When I was 10 I started keeping my own recipe journal and I still have it and you can see my handwriting changing, you can see the types of recipes I was changing [but] what’s cool for me is knowing that at some point when the Lord calls my mom, I’ll get her recipe journal and I can cook from it, run my hands over her writing and connect with her,” she continued. “But also share it with my kids and say it was your grandma, that’s where she’s from. That’s the idea here, it’s for us to connect across generations through something as simple as a recipe.


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