High Cholesterol Diet: Four Christmas Food Swaps To Lower Your Cholesterol Risk


Christmas is a time when most people indulge a little more than usual. However, for people at risk for high cholesterol or those already diagnosed with the condition, too many treats could pose a risk to their health.

Swap the pigs in blankets for grilled chicken skewers

Pigs in blankets are a favorite this season, but if you think they might happen more than once in December, it’s worth considering swapping them out for healthier meats on occasion.

This is because processed meats, such as sausage or bacon, are often high in saturated fat and can contain a lot of added salt.

Instead, the BHF advises looking for unprocessed meat options.

They add, “Cold roast or roast chicken or turkey, hard-boiled eggs, or bean or legume-based dips, like hummus, are all healthier protein options. “

Replace the cheese straws with breadsticks

Cheese straws are a traditional addition to the Christmas buffet, but while they are enjoyable, they can be high in fat and salt.

The ingredients make cheese straws a high calorie option.

For some brands, a single straw of cheese contains one-third of your daily limit of saturated fat.

The BHF says: “Instead of cheese snacks, go for breadsticks, which are lower in saturated fat.

“If you’re having a party get-together, prepare some veggie veg and hummus in case people want a healthy option.”

Replace the cognac butter with semi-fat crème fraîche

Brandy butter is often smothered in Christmas desserts, but it has fat, sugar, and lots of calories.

While brandy butter is perfect for an occasional treat, during the holiday season the BHF recommends looking for a slightly healthier addition to your dessert.

They state, “If the choice of sides for your hash pie or Christmas pudding is brandy cream or butter, then, unless it’s Christmas Day, consider not having one.” neither because they will contain a lot of saturated fat and calories.

“If you are in a restaurant, ask your waiter if he offers half-fat crème fraîche, custard or low-fat plain or Greek yogurt instead. “


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