Hearthstone Baked Chicken Sandwich at Confisco’s Grille


The often-overlooked full-service Confisco’s Grille Restaurant at Islands of Adventure offers unique dining options. However, many guests just walk past this place. In their race to reach Wizarding World and/or Jurassic Park, people pass through this place located at the entry port of Islands of Adventure. The menu has seen many changes over the years. Currently, the menu reflects a streamlining making it simpler.

Confisco’s Grille has added more portable type sandwiches to its menu. Of course, many of these sandwiches should not be considered insignificant. One example shines like the Hearthstone Baked Chicken Sandwich. This hearty but light sandwich packs some solid flavors. The menu description says mozzarella cheese, Roma tomatoes, leaf lettuce, basil aioli, and (and) aged balsamic. The contents are presented in a focaccia cooked in a wood-fired oven. Universal bakes this bread on site. The sandwich comes with fries for $15.95.

So how’s that sandwich and those fries? First off, the fries here are average. They taste good but nothing special. If you are looking for good fries, try elsewhere.

However, the sandwich offers a taste adventure. Also, the reasonable chicken portion is topped with mozzarella cheese. The tomatoes and cheese enhance the sandwich after going through the cooking process. The focaccia bread provides a solid base for all the toppings and the aioli. The aged balsamic and basil aioli adds a flavor to the sandwich not commonly found.


In fairness, some customers complain that the texture of the bread is too hard. They say the edges of the bread are hard to eat taking away the fun of the sandwich. However, most customers comment on the softness and quality of the bread.

Yes, there are many flavors in this sandwich. I can imagine some guests who don’t like basil or balsamic flavors find this sandwich a waste of time. Still, for the theme park value, this sandwich is worth a look. With places like Bread Box on the property, stopping by Confisco’s Grill for a sandwich might not be a priority for me. However, if someone in your party wants the Ahi Tuna Nachos, you can order it to enjoy a meal with them. Simply put, I consider this sandwich to have good value. At the very least, you’ll see buying this sandwich as good value for a full-service meal at Universal Orlando.

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