Healthy Food for Elderly Prisoners in Tamil Nadu



It aims to strengthen the immunity of the elderly and people in poor health housed in central prisons

Egguf, black whipped cream, soup – this is part of the basic diet of elderly inmates and unhealthy people housed in central prisons in Tamil Nadu.

This is an effort to strengthen their immune systems, helping them avoid contracting COVID-19.

15 elderly people in Puzhal

There are nine central prisons in the state, where there are over 200 inmates over the age of 60 and over 100 who have low immunity. In Puzhal central prison alone, more than 15 elderly inmates have been held for various offenses.

“In the first wave last year, inmates at Puzhal prison were infected. A team of government doctors who monitored them suggested this diet. It had a good impact on their health and they recovered. So we have reintroduced this diet this year for those who need a good immune system, ”said Sunil Kumar Singh, DGP, Prisons.

On regular days, prisoners receive upma for breakfast, made with pongal rice; for lunch, they are given rice, sambar, vegetables and buttermilk. In the evening, peanuts are given. For dinner, rice or “chapatis” are served.

“We follow all the protocols in the prisons. In order to strengthen their immune system, we started serving inmates healthy food, along with the regular menu, every day. In most prisons. ‘kashayam’, ‘amukara milk’, ‘kabasura kudineer’, brown channa, lemon juice, lemon soup, milk, ‘murungai’ (drumstick) soup and egg are provided, ”said A. Murugesan, DIG, Prisons.

Yoga sessions

Online yoga sessions are also organized for all inmates. “They are also allowed to walk in their blocks,” said a Vellore prison official.

In addition, those arrested are first placed in 110 sub-prisons across the state to be quarantined, and then taken to central prisons after testing negative for COVID-19.



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