Healthy Eats Nutrition Services Plans Meal for Yakima Youth Resource Center


Donations requested during the Brunch With A Cause event this weekend
Source: Healthy Eating Nutrition Services
Healthy Eats Nutrition Services hosts a brunch tray event over the weekend and encourages donations to help provide a meal and food supplies to a local youth resource center.

YAKIMA, Wash. – Healthy Eats Nutrition Services is hosting a brunch tray event over the weekend and encouraging donations to help provide a meal and food supplies to a local youth resource center.

Anyone ordering a tray will also be able to make a donation to benefit from it. Rod House, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless, at-risk or otherwise vulnerable youth in Yakima County.

“We are providing them with a meal and also helping to stock their pantry with snacks and bottled water and whatever the kids need right now, especially with the heat,” said Elaina Moon, owner of Health Eats Nutrition Services.

Moon said Thursday afternoon that they had raised more than $ 300 for the meal and supplies.

Brunch platters serve two to three people and are available online here for $ 50. They can be picked up from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at the Healthy Eats Classroom, 1101 W. Yakima Ave. Suite 115 at Yakima.

People can choose the sweet or savory option .; both come with the recipes to recreate the tray at home. The savory platter includes crispy roasted potatoes, waffles with cheese and hash browns, bacon aioli, homemade bagels with chive cream cheese and vegetarian toppings, lox of grilled carrot and asparagus with hollandaise sauce.

The sweet platter includes cherry maple syrup waffles, mini chocolate donuts, fresh fruit and mini coffee cake muffins. All items are dairy and egg free, but some contain gluten.

People can also donate for the meal without purchasing a tray or donate directly to Rod’s House here.

Later that month, Moon said she plans to host another event to benefit the Yakima YWCA.


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