Hannaford donates $100,000 to Age Well to support healthy meal delivery program


The funding will increase access to nutritious food for chronically ill seniors in Vermont. This donation is part of a commitment of more than $1.5 million under the new “Eat Well, Be Well – A Path to Better Health” initiative. Photos courtesy of Age Well Meals on Wheels.

Vermont Business Magazine Hannaford Supermarkets and the Hannaford Charitable Foundation today announced a $100,000 donation to Colchester’s Age Well to support its Healthy Meal Delivery Program, which prioritizes healthy, fresh and nutritious food as part of a comprehensive health care plan for seniors with chronic conditions.

The donation is part of a more than $1.5 million commitment from Hannaford to support healthy meal programs in New England and New York through its new ‘Eat Well, Be Well – A Path’ initiative. to Better Health”. The program emphasizes the importance of nutritious foods in ensuring the long-term well-being of people who are food insecure and have a history of chronic illness.

“At Hannaford, we have long believed that healthy, fresh food is an essential ingredient in keeping our communities vibrant,” said Peter Forester, Chairman of the Board of the Hannaford Charitable Foundation, who also serves as Vice Chairman. senior merchandising for the grocery store. “Healthy Meal Programs break down the barriers many people face in regularly accessing the healthy, nutritious meals their body and mind need. We look forward to seeing these programs grow and become an integral part of person-centered care in the years to come. »

The $100,000 donation to Age Well in Colchester, VT will support the introduction of a new component of the nonprofit’s Meals on Wheels program, which provides nutritious and balanced prepared meals to homebound seniors throughout Vermont.

In addition to their meal, program participants will now receive a snack as part of their daily delivery. The participants are divided into two sectors: the first group receives a nutritious snack adapted to their state of health; and a second group that receives a different snack. Individuals’ results will be monitored over a period of one year to assess the impact of the nutritious snack on their overall health and well-being. All participants also take part in monthly meetings with a registered dietitian to help them find the best strategies to support the management of their chronic health condition.

“People with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, can see their health improve by eating the right food, being active if they can, and following their healthcare team’s plan, which includes taking medication as prescribed. Sessions with the Registered Dietitian provide one-on-one support and guidance that can lead to better health outcomes. I recently received a phone call from a customer in the pilot. She was so happy to be part of this program. She told me how excited her doctor was that she was finally taking steps to control her health. Participants in this program report eating healthier and taking control of their health,” said Christine M. Moldovan, RD, CD, FAND, Director of Nutrition and Wellness for Age Well.

The “Eat Well, Be Well – A Pathway to Better Health” initiative recognizes the important role of healthy, fresh food in a person’s overall well-being. Situated at the intersection of nutrition and healthcare, the concept commonly referred to as “Food As Medicine” focuses on prioritizing a fresh, nutrient-dense diet as an essential part of a comprehensive treatment plan for chronic diseases, such as diabetes or heart disease.

Studies have shown that medically appropriate nutritional intervention can accelerate treatment and recovery for patients with chronic conditions, while reducing healthcare costs by reducing utilization and hospital admissions. Data collected through Hannaford-funded projects will be used to help establish sustainable funding streams for healthy meal programs within each partner organization.

“As a family physician for more than forty years in Vermont, I’ve learned that one way to improve health care for Vermont’s seniors is to invest more in community services, like Age Well “, said Dr. Allan Ramsay, Chairman of the Board of Age Well. “Treating nutritional foods as medicine for people with diabetes can lead to better control of this disease and improved quality of life.”

The new “Eat Well, Be Well – A Pathway to Better Health” initiative further illustrates Hannaford’s long-standing commitment to supporting organizations and programs that keep its communities healthy and thriving. In 2021, Hannaford donated 25 million pounds of food to local hunger relief organizations. In 2019, Hannaford launched its “Fuel Kids at School” program with a $1 million commitment to establish 90 school pantries in the Northeast.

To learn more about the global impact of Hannaford’s “Eat Well, Be Well – A Path to Better Health” initiative, watch the video at https://vimeo.com/747996384.

For more information about Hannaford’s community efforts and charitable giving initiatives, visit Hannaford.com/HannafordHelps.

About Hannaford Supermarkets

Hannaford Supermarkets operates 185 stores in the Northeast, most with full-service pharmacies. Stores are located in Maine, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. All are committed to great fresh food, convenient experiences and everyday low prices. Hannaford is also an active and committed community partner, focused on fighting hunger, supporting youth development and helping people live healthier lives. Hannaford is an industry leader in sustainability with a strong commitment to reducing waste and protecting the environment. Hannaford diverts or donates all food at risk of wasting, sending no food to landfills. In 2020, Hannaford donated over 25 million pounds of food to hunger relief organizations and stopped 65 million pounds of food waste from reaching landfills. Hannaford employs nearly 30,000 associates and is based in Scarborough, Maine. Additional information is available at Hannaford.com.

About aging well

Age Well is a nonprofit organization that has served Addison, Chittenden, Franklin, and Grand Isle counties since 1974 as a member of the Vermont Regional Agencies on Aging. Age Well provides services and support to enable older people to stay independent and healthy at home, where they want to be. Age Well integrates community resources, health services and wellness programs to improve and enhance quality of life and reduce barriers by providing access to healthy meals, care and community resources. Delivered by staff members and more than 1,000 volunteers, services are designed to meet the diverse needs of clients, their families and caregivers. Age Well does not charge for services provided, but relies on donations and encourages clients to contribute if they are able to do so. To learn more, visit AgeWellVT.org.

10.11.2022. COLCHESTER, VT – Hannaford Supermarkets and the Hannaford Charitable Foundation


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