Half Baked Cookie Co., Rosina’s Meatball Cafe and Lash Lounge open


Rosina’s Meatball Cafe will be open until it sells out the daily batch of meatballs.

It will seat 18-20 patrons indoors and will likely have outdoor seating in the summer. Ayers-Jania said she loves downtown Griffith, which reminds her of her native southwest Michigan.

“I’m actually from Michigan and have adjusted to big city life,” she said. “I liked the downtown area of ​​Griffith. It reminded me of a downtown area of ​​the cities I’ve lived in. It has that cozy, small-town feel. I love what Griffith offers to its residents, all activities and festivals.”

She thinks Rosina’s Meatball Cafe can be a destination.

“There’s nothing like it in northwest Indiana,” she said. “No one else does what we do with quality ingredients and home-cooked food from old Italy. It’s a niche market, but I think because of its uniqueness it will attract people. ”

She is focused on building a clientele in Griffith.

“Obviously we’re opening a restaurant in a climate where a lot of restaurants are closing,” she said. “The first thing will be to be there and keep customers coming back, to survive and to thrive. I focus on the first five years because they say if you don’t succeed in the first five years, you’re out of luck. do not go.”

His friends and family have long encouraged him to open a restaurant, praising his cooking.

“Everyone always said, ‘Oh my God, these meatballs are amazing and delicious,'” she said. “I got a lot of positive feedback.”


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