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Guide to help you book an ad. Photo by Виталий Горбачев from Pexels.

Each action area has its own advantages, disadvantages and best practices. When you’re trying to break into Broadway, you’ll want to be sure you can sing and dance if you want to land the big roles. But if you want to get your foot in the door to do commercials, the job skills you need are very different. Portraying a character for an entire movie or play takes a unique approach compared to being a commercial actor.

You absolutely have to look the part to be in a commercial. If this is a skincare ad, you need great skin. If it’s a health or fitness ad, you must be in good health. If it’s a food ad, you’ll probably have to eat the food and enjoy it. You get the picture. Here are some tips to help you book an ad.

Keep your skin and hair healthy

Ads often have close-ups of your face or body. While hair extensions and makeup are one thing, it’s easier if producers and directors can already see you as the spokesperson for their product. Choosing a commercial actor means that they can look directly at you to see that you are the ideal option to promote their product. When you have healthy hair and skin, it gives you opportunities such as promoting hair care products and skin care products as a stem cell moisturizer or even a new hair mask.

stay active

It can be taken in several ways. you must stay physically active so that you are in decent shape. Moreover, it helps to stay active in acting. Take classes, hang out with people who can connect you to opportunities. Go out in public. Sometimes you can get noticed just by walking down the street. Although not as common, it helps if you are physically active and able to do what the director needs you to do in a commercial.

Focus on being a commercial player

It’s important to specialize when it comes to launching your acting career. You’ll need to focus on your role as a commercial actor by attending commercial auditions, getting feedback from directors, and learning about the types of products you want to promote. You will need to learn the intricacies of what commercial growers are looking for so you can determine which opportunities are right for you. You can also start building a following on social media and promoting the products you already love. You may find that this can open up options for bigger and better opportunities.

Those iPhone selfies and photos won’t be enough to book ads. You need professional portraits that show off your vibrant personality and a variety of looks. Think hair up, hair down, close up, far away and more. Commercials are like modeling in that you will be promoting a product instead of playing a character the same way you would in a movie or show. You need professional portraits that show you in different ways.

Create your own marketing materials

Did you know you can market yourself? Headshots are part of the package when it comes to marketing materials, but you’ll also need video footage. Your marketing package should make it easy for a business to decide if they want to consider you for their advertisements. Although it would be great to have an agent, when you’re starting out, that may not be an option. This therefore means that you will have to take initiative and present yourself to potential companies. You can introduce yourself. Be confident and think about how you can help this company by taking action in their advertisements. Maybe you represent a demographic that they haven’t spent a lot of time targeting and want to show them how you can help connect with a new audience. Your boldness can be your foot in the door for great opportunities.

Use the products yourself

Want to know if you would make a good commercial actor? Start using the products yourself. The best spokespersons are those who are genuine in their love for a product. While stars like Jennifer Anniston are unlikely to use cheap products from the grocery store for their skin care, you know that at some point each of them had to at least try the product. . Try different things, be adventurous and think about what you like about their products. Use this information to connect with companies that make and sell only the best products.


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