‘Great British Baking Show’ star Noel Fielding is selling ‘weird’ art online – and you can buy it too


We all know Noel Fielding as an actor, comedian, and brilliant co-host, but did you know he’s also an entertainer? If you haven’t, it became public knowledge on this week’s episode of The great British pastry fairwhen the bakers Janusz and Sandro asked Fielding for a piece of his work.

During the Showstopper Challenge, bakers were tasked with making a 3D mask out of cookies. Janusz, who won Star Baker in the first episode, decided to create an “abstract” mask inspired by Cubism, mimicking an artistic style practiced by Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and Salvador Dalí.

This caught the attention of Fielding, who asked the baker, “Did you go to art school?” Janusz responded by saying no, but added, “I have my eye on some of your work.” Fielding promised, “I’ll give you some. And Sandro – this season’s “hottie baker” – jumped into the conversation with, “Oh, I want one.”

Janusz continued to tell the co-host, “I just moved into a new apartment, so I want something weird there.” Before walking away, the co-host said he would do something for the two bakers because they are his “favorites.” If this has left you curious about Fielding’s artwork, here’s everything you need to know about his story as an artist and where you can nab a painting for yourself.

Is Noel Fielding an artist?

Noel Fielding has been active in the London art scene since the late 2000s. According to his biography via Hooligan Art Dealer, he was educated at Croydon Art College and his favorite mediums are drawing, painting, collage and multimedia installation .

Fielding’s first solo exhibition, “Psychedelic Dreams of The Jelly Fox”, was held at Galerie Maison Bertaux (with pieces collected by Keith Tyson and Ringo Starr). This was followed by “Bryan Ferry VS The Jelly Fox”, at the same location.

Fielding subsequently exhibited his art at the Saatchi Gallery, St Martin’s Courtyard, Covent Garden, Haymarket, the Museum of Liverpool (alongside Yoko Ono) and the Royal Albert Hall. The co-host also published an art book in 2011 titled The doodles of a Madcap Shambleton. Most recently, Fielding created graphics and lettering for FENDI’s AW2021 menswear collection.

Noel Fielding had an online art club

In March 2020, Noel Fielding launched an online art club, to keep creativity alive during the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. He tweeted a photo of a blackboard that read: “Art club today at 3 on Twitter. I’ll choose a theme / Anyone can enter / Children are especially welcome / Winner is chosen at 5 / The best work of art will be the first to enter the Art Club Hall of Fame.

This lasted nearly three months, before Fielding tweeted on June 20, 2020, “It’s the last #christmasartclub today – do it only on instagram stories. Love you all.” Before that, the GBBS The co-host toyed with the idea of ​​shutting down the club but went ahead because ‘we are living in dark times’.

Can you buy Noel Fielding’s art? How to buy online :

Yes! Noel Fielding has his art for sale on Saatchi Art – but unless you’re Janusz or Sandro, don’t expect to get it for free. His pieces, described as “visceral and lively,” range from $1,140 to $3,900, and many are already sold out.

He also has a collection of three prints, “All Hail Our Leader”, “Bouquet of Toothbrushes”, and “I Done A Murder”, on Jealous. These coins are listed at £625, which converts to $694.94. However, if you’re not interested in buying and just want to admire from afar, Fielding often shares her latest creations on her Instagram.


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