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Instead of being a mandatory policy for public schools only, the directive will be implemented in all schools in British Columbia.

Stephen Petrucci, the superintendent of SD 60, says the most important goal is to provide food and nutrition to students, especially those who really need it and can’t get it any other way.

“But that there is an education around it. And so we definitely see a responsibility to continue to educate students and parents as much as possible about healthy eating,” Petrucci said.

Petrucci explains that the proposed directive will not be implemented immediately.

“What we’ve read so far, though, is that they’re using terms like ‘heading for a gold standard’. In other words, it won’t just be night and day. day to day, in terms of a complete change in what is offered, sold or provided to children.

The school district tries to balance what students will eat with what they know is healthy for them. Petrucci mentions that they buy locally for most of their canteen and meal programs.

The changes do not apply to food or beverages brought from home for personal consumption or to food prepared by students as part of a class project.

That of the province survey on the proposed changes is open until April 30.


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