Follow these guidelines for effective orchard irrigation


Watering with efficiency and precision has been the mantra of Netafim’s team of experts over the past few weeks. Jovan Erasmus, Netafim’s agronomist for the northern and central regions, is back on this episode of Farmer’s Inside Track, and this time he focuses on how to plan orchard irrigation planning.

In the episode, Erasmus explains that orchards often have deeper root zones than field crops, which is one of the main distinctions between orchard and field irrigation.

This is why starting an irrigation system is very important when maintaining an orchard.

According to Erasmus, the first years of orchard irrigation require observation. Therefore, if a farmer neglects the early years of a crop’s life, it can have an effect on its long-term productivity.

“There are also several other things that affect the long-term productivity of your investment. Things like climate, region, management, pests and diseases, fertilizers, markets, workers, to name a few. name a few,” he says.

Agriculture, he explains, can be a very rewarding investment and can seem very lucrative when you add up the sums.

“But farming is not easy. And since so many aspects are affected, making sure you plan properly is the most important thing before spending money on this investment. Again, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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