Eating Any Of These 3 Eating Patterns Can Make Your Child Healthier


Cleveland, Ohio – The Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital published a study comparing the benefits of three different types of diets for obese children.

“We looked at 9 to 18 year olds who were above the 95th percentile for their body mass index (BMI), which is the definition of obesity,” said Dr. Michael Macknin. “We studied them and one of their parents and randomly assigned them to one of three healthy eating patterns. Either the Mediterranean diet, the American Heart Association diet, or a plant-based diet.

The study indicated that all three diets had similar results in improving a child’s health. It included significant decreases in weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. The risk of heart disease has also been reduced.

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What else did the researchers find?

The child did not need to be perfect in the way he consumed food. Average diet compliance was only 55% to 65% throughout the one-year study. Still, researchers have seen impressive changes.

“We encourage everyone to follow these principles common to all healthy eating patterns,” Macknin said. “Eat lots of fruits and vegetables from a variety of sources, then eat whole grains, and when you eat protein, make it healthy protein. Don’t eat too much red meat or processed meat.

While children are often seen as “picky eaters,” the study actually found that children had an easier time adjusting to the new diets than their parents did, stressing the importance of introducing these healthy habits over time. that the children are young.

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