Do food and drink effects stack in multiplayer in Splatoon 3? Answered


Some players don’t pay much attention to the food stall system available in Splatoon 3. Everyone is so focused on jumping around in games that they can easily pass up the opportunity for a quick bite thumb in various areas of the game. For players who pay attention to these details, they get additional profile experience, money or equipment. However, do the effects of food and drink in Splatoon 3 overlap?

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Can you stack food and drink effects in Splatoon 3?

The effects of food and drink do not stack if you buy more than one at a time. When you do this, you are replacing the first one you bought, so only buy one at a time. Luckily, if you have an item available, the staff member will notify you before completing the transaction.

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Even if you buy a food and then try to go for a drink, you’ll get this message, so there’s no way to get extra gear experience if you already have one of the other bonuses. Part of this that we don’t know for sure at the time of this writing is the team effects you get with Mega Mountain a la Marigold and Marigold’en Garden Greens. While you can’t buy multiple, we don’t know if you and a teammate buy them if they stack.

On the one hand, we’re hoping team effect foods will work together to give you the full effect no matter if a teammate already has one or not, but on the other hand, we’re talking about Nintendo here, so we could easily see them limit this to prevent players from leveling up players too quickly. We will update this article when we know for sure.


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