Disney Dreamlight Valley guide: How to feed the critters their favorite food


Disney Valley of Dreams is filled with classic characters from the movies you know and love. However, these Disney heroes and villains aren’t the only inhabitants of the beautiful Magic Valley. Each of the valley’s distinct biomes is home to a type of Critter, these are adorable animals that you can feed and befriend. Feeding the critters their favorite food each day is a great way to earn dream shards and patterns that you can use to decorate your clothes. If you feed a creature its favorite food enough times, it may even join you as a companion, following you as you explore the valley and complete daily tasks and quests.

This guide will explain where to find each type of Critter, how to approach and feed them, and what foods they enjoy the most. With the help of this guide, you will be able to feed and collect all types of Critter living in Dreamlight Valley. Soon all of these adorable creatures will have become your companions and will join you on your adventures!

How to feed squirrels


Location: Square

Favorite food: Peanuts (can be purchased at Remy’s Restaurant)

Behaviour: Friendly. Squirrels will approach you directly and ask for food. You don’t have to do anything special to feed the squirrels.

How to feed rabbits


Location: peaceful meadow

Favorite food: Carrots (carrots and carrot seeds can be purchased at Goofy’s Stall in Peaceful Meadow)

Behaviour: Mischievous. Rabbits want to be hunted. You have to chase after a rabbit and catch it three times before it lets you feed it.

How to feed sea turtles


Location: Dazzle Beach (costs 1000 Dreamlight to unlock)

Favorite food: Seaweed (can be fished from the ocean or picked at Dazzle Beach)

Behaviour: Shy. Sea turtles hide inside their shell when you first approach them. Just wait patiently for the turtle to come out of its shell. Then he will gladly accept the food.

How to feed raccoons


Location: Forest of Valor (costs 3000 Dreamlight to unlock)

Favorite food: Blueberries (can be harvested from Forest of Valor or Dazzle Beach)

Behaviour: Mistrustful. Raccoons will run away if you approach them while they are looking directly at you. Wait for the raccoon to look down, then approach slowly. You’ll know it’s ready to feed when it lands on all fours.

How to feed crocodiles


Location: Glade of Trust (costs 5000 Dreamlight to unlock)

Favorite food: Lobster (can be caught in golden bubbles in the Glade of Confidence)

Behaviour: Mistrustful. Just like raccoons, crocodiles will run away if you approach them while they are looking directly at you. Wait for the crocodile to look down, then approach slowly. You’ll know it’s ready to feed when it rolls over or lies down on the ground.

How to feed sunbirds


Location: Sunny Plateau (costs 7000 Dreamlight to unlock)

Favorite food: Houseleek Flowers (can be picked in the Sunny Plateau)

Behaviour: Friendly. Although Sunbirds won’t approach you directly as often as squirrels, they don’t run away when approached and are fairly easy to catch.

How to feed foxes


Location: Frosted Heights (costs 10,000 Dreamlight to unlock)

Favorite food: White Sturgeon (can be fished from Golden Bubbles in Frosted Heights)

Behaviour: Mischievous. Like rabbits, foxes want to be hunted. You must chase after a fox and catch it between three and five times before it allows you to feed it.

And the crows?


The game menu in Disney Valley of Dreams indicates that a type of Critter called Ravens should eventually be added to the game. They will live in the Forgotten Lands biome, which costs 15,000 Dreamlight to unlock. However, crows are not yet available in Disney’s Dream Valley of Lights, their behavior and preferred food are therefore currently unknown.

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What is your favorite creature in Disney Valley of Dreams? How many have you managed to unlock as companions so far? What types of Critters would you like to see added to the game in the future? Comment below and let us know!


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